1. Sni9er

    Limited Run JJ Industries: "The Batman" Metal Gauntlet Darts

    Hey guys! We had an enquiry from a few folks in the Batman community to produce some Gauntlet darts for the costume as seen in the 2022 version of Batman, these will be machined in Solid Aluminium as per the original and have a removable tip section (as the original also appears to be...
  2. alexbailey

    Dark Rey Lightsaber - Aluminium [Many Photos]

    This is a work in progress, only one side so far, some parts will be in the finished piece, others are just placeholders to check the scale. All in aluminium so far, that could change as I continue, may use stainless for some specific parts. The central hinge is a bought part. M10x1.5...
  3. T

    How To Make: Resident Evil T-Virus Vial Carry Case (from Movie)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of making 1:1 film accurate replicas of the T-Virus vials, but I would like as my next project to create the carry case as seen in the video below, and the attached images: Reference video, watch from 2:13 up until 2:29 The main things I...