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  1. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Acid Blood

    I’m recreating the alien acid blood effect as seen in the alien movies for a project, I know the effect was done by pouring acetone onto a styrofoam board but what I don’t know is how they gave it that caustic yellow color. I’ve tried using food coloring but the acetone stays translucent, does...
  2. skiffy

    Aliens APC 1:18 scale with interior

    This is a build I've been on and off with for a while now. My intention is to have an interior which means that the exterior will be larger (in human scale) than the model/vehicle as filmed. A long time ago Mattel produced a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter play-set with an interior and I've...
  3. SophieRipley

    Alien: Isolation Amanda Jumpsuit help !!!

    Hey all, i'm new here!! I'm looking to make an amanda ripley cosplay, and id love some advice on where to get a similar jumpsuit to the one she wears in the game, price is not an issue. either a fully completed one, or a base to start on would be amazing. i would prefer online links to places...
  4. M

    aliens, facehugger stasis tube

    Hi, im new here so i'm not sure how this works. First off im trying to create the "facehugger stasis tube" from aliens. I already have an unpainted facehugger. I used filler & primer + sandpaper to get a decent base coat and to get rid of the 3d printing artifacts. Now im missing a few...
  5. B

    ALIENS - "Found Item" but UK Collection Help Needed!!!

    Hi everyone After ALOT of researching, myself and a colleague have finally been able to correctly identify a found item used in Aliens. I have purchased it on eBay yesterday but the seller is adamant about collection only as the item is quite large and heavy. Is there anyone on here...
  6. mercuryapollo

    Unlimited Run Aliens - Carter Burke ID card

    For Sale - Reproduction Carter Burke ID card from Aliens. A cool little prop replica from one of my favorite movies. Laser cut and engraved in clear 1/8 acrylic. Letters then air brushed into the engraving in black and yellow. **Update - Several people have asked for a personalized version...
  7. C

    Alien Queen 1:1 lifesize / Distortions Unlimited

    YOUR MAJESTY - or - A DREAM BECOMES TRUE Today was a very special day for me. For years I had the desire, one day to own a life-size Queen. Due to the rarity and the absurd prices, I assumed that this would actually remain forever a dream and wish. In so many threads here I have written...
  8. S

    USMC Motion Tracker - real parts

    As i was collectiong pieces for the Nostromo tracker, i kept coming across parts for the Aliens USMC tracker so i thought i might aswell make the most of these parts being available and start collecting for a future build or i may pass on to someone else. As you all probably know, this is the...
  9. Red2

    Help with Xenomorph / Alien Warrior head size???

    Spent most of the day (at work, mind you) searching for threads, links, wiki sites, etc. for any mention of an alien warrior's approximate screen used head size. Is this some rite of passage or something? Anyone have a reliable resource to an accurate length at least for an alien warrior? I'm...
  10. K

    Alien Xenomorph: my first costume

    Here is a quick 30 second video of my almost finished Alien Xenomorph. The YouTube has a link for my Facebook build pictures and my notes can be found in the photo descriptions, or just head over to it here...
  11. dproc

    Aliens Motion Tracker resin kit with mods - Finished

    Recently completed a resin Motion Tracker kit. I made the screen to closer match the effects prop and made a display stand with videos that play behind it. It has video for screen graphics (see video). Maybe to be updated later. Also made graphics and vinyl stickers for the calculator and...
  12. nezza51

    Aliens Marines

    Hi There.dont worry about it...
  13. CTStudio

    Hanging Facehugger Sculpture

    I made an original facehugger sculpture that could hang off my computer monitor at work...the back of my monitor faces down our main hallway so it's perfect! I created molds of all the pieces and cast copies in resin. This is the 3rd resin cast and 3rd paint job, let me know what you think.
  14. RetroMechanic

    Aliens Sgt Apone's Lighter replica if it exist?

    Hi new guy here, I was wondering about Apone's Cigar Lighter in the movie. I know about Hicks's Lighter but I don't know about Apone's. If anyone could shed light about it. I would like to know. Since I want to be the guy who collect lighters from Movies.
  15. Matsuo

    Limited Run Aliens Pulse Rifle 10 Hole Barrel Vents and Shoulder Stocks

    10-hole barrel vents and shoulder stocks are finally here! I only have 100 of the barrel vents and 50 of each style of the stock. For those of you who want to get in on this early and guarantee yourself a set, an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is listed at the end of the post. (Scroll down!) As you can...
  16. CTStudio

    Alien Facehugger Egg

    Hey guys, This is the first sculpture I created a mould of and resin cast copies; it was an awesome experience! Looking forward to to more projects, just wanted to share :D I sculpted a facehugger that sits on my monitor so I wanted an egg as a pen holder :p I cast 3 copies so far, but...
  17. T

    Help identify where these guns are from?

    Hey Everyone, New to this site but have heard great things! I was at the Rose Bowl swap meet today in Pasadena and came across a lot of prop guns for sale. The vendor selling them said they got them off of someone who "works at one of the studios." They look very similar to the guns used...
  18. Yarko

    Unlimited Run ALIEN Lifesize Chestburster

    Hello, This is my Alien lifesize Chestburster model kit. It is a custom take on the creature, not from any particular movie, but trying to blend details from all over the saga and a few of my own. The figure is 12 inches tall aproximately and is roto-cast in polyurethane resin and filled with...
  19. Firespray

    Low Budget Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

    I decided to step out of the Star Wars universe and into the Aliens universe a bit. I'm a big fan of the Aliens movie, and always wanted a M41-A Pulse Rifle, (because they look so darn cool) but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So let me introduce you to my low budget, (roughly $60) Aliens...
  20. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Egg

    A few months ago I built my own alien egg for a short parody sketch, I finally finished the video and I figured you guys would like to see it! I had an astonishing budget of about -$3.00 so it wasn't exactly a a great replica in terms of accuracy haha but i am really happy with how it turned...
  21. Wreav

    Arctic Female Predator

    Hi everyone! I'm the overseer of the Predatorium and thought this build would be of great interest to the RPF community! So this was in the 'talking' phase for a while. A really awesome cosplayer came and asked for an Arctic style female Predator so we discussed possible paint jobs and I...
  22. R

    Aliens Props

    Hi I have been collecting props from Aliens for about 16 years. During this time I have had a number of items, including Ripley's leather jacket, a set of Hudson BDUs, Vasquez's camo top, and a sentry gun. My collection is somewhat smaller now but the pieces I have now I consider to be grail...
  23. GraflexSaber

    Alien Baby / xenomorph 3D print

    Hi, I would like to show you my little baby :D I modeled that Alien in 3D. After 3D-printing I painted it with my airbrush. If you like to get a 3D print, I uploaded the model at shapeways in 3 different sizes (unpainted)...
  24. wilysteve

    Halloween Hudson - The Game is Definitely Over Man!

    Hi all. I decided to have some fun with an old sculpt of mine this halloween. And now we can finally see Hudson's fate!
  25. DRG

    Alien Xenomorph - My 2016 Halloween Project - Build Thread (Foam and More)

    Hey all, thought I'd share my 2016 Halloween project here. I finally decided to do one I've been thinking about for awhile, the Alien Xenomorph. The inspiration is mainly the original Big Chap design from the 1979 film, but it's a bit of a hybrid as I'm incorporating elements from the Alien...

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