1. MachinaExUmbra

    Aliens Colonial Marines ME3 Hand Welder

    Just finished weathering my ME3 hand welder print. Everything is 3D printed except the glass, belt clip, and electronics (obviously). I had to machine out my own aluminum belt clip as the printed one wasn't very sturdy. There is a 12v LED at the tip with a flicker effect that simulates the...
  2. MachinaExUmbra

    Aliens USCM Utility Light

    This week’s prop replica build is brought to you by the letter “A” for Aliens. The USCM utility flashlight. Made from a vintage 70’s roadside emergency 4-in-1 flashlight, rewired to use a 9v rechargeable battery, LEDs instead of the incandescent bulbs, and to function like the screen used prop...
  3. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle Cast Pewter Parts.

    My metal Airsoft Thompson receiver conversion into a ‘functional’ replica for my Aliens Pulse Rifle build. The receiver is a CYMA with the internal parts removed and a little dremel work, the bolt is aluminium and cast pewter, I’m slowly working my way through the 3d printed resin parts and...
  4. djsuen

    ALIEN lifesize sets replicas

    Hello! My name is Luis, I'm from Spain. I've been collecting ALIEN for more than 20 years, just over 3 years ago I ran out of space at home and I decided to move everything to another space next to my house. It's a space of 65 m² and I decided go a step farther and decorate the place by...
  5. Jake Kassnoff

    Ripley's Flamethrower From Alien

    I sort of combined the 1979/Isolation look: