1. NuadaDesigns

    DREDD 2012 Lawgiver-Airsoft conversion kit

    I had a g18 gas blow back airsoft pistol sitting around so decided to build a lawgiver kit for it. My main goal was not doing and modifications to the original pistol, and basically just make a shroud that screws on, yet still functions as an airsoft pistol. It's a glock 18 so it's slightly...
  2. AndoShinobi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Pistol

    This is a super quick build for a Resident Evil (Biohazard here in Japan) themed shoot that I will be directing in two days. Yup, two days to build the VP70 M so here goes! The idea is to make a 'clam shell' upper and lower receiver that will sit over an existing airsoft gun, most likely a...
  3. Crafter

    How do you accurately measure an airsoft gun?

    Hello fellow builders, I'm currently working on a project where I want to build a prop gun around an existing airsoft gun to have it shoot BBs once finished. There are no detailed blueprints of the toy around and I already checked if the airsoft variant got the same dimensions as the original...