1. C

    Self made curriculum

    This is kind of a broad ask, but I recently remembered rpf exists and thought if I was gonna find good advice anywhere it would be here. I’ve been an artist (all for fun no professional work) for quite some time and want to learn more of the prop making/set design aspect of it all. My background...
  2. Day Spartan

    Sealing Plastazote

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on sealing plastazote. Making some armour and am having some trouble sealing the foam. there are a few parts the move and bend a little but if it just paint on the foam it flacks off and then i tried to seal it with latex the skin started to peel off or tried...
  3. darkgreymatter

    Advice on making mold of a cube.

    Hello! First time posting. I want to make a mold of a 3D printed object to cast in pewter or bismuth. I'm using Smooth-On Mold Max 60 for the high heat. My object is basically a 1.25" cube with raised details. There are a few small undercuts. Here's my question. I'm obviously making a two-part...