action figure

  1. phase pistol

    FA: Twinch Squad 2001 Space Odyssey Silver Lunar Space Suit Sixth Scale Figure Next on the ebay block: the rare silver Lunar Space Suit figure from Twinch Squad's unlicensed "2001: a space odyssey" set, offered in the early 2000s. While the quality of the figure and suit is great, Twinch was a disaster as a company. Founded in Spain...
  2. mgoob

    Blade Runner Roy Batty 1/6th scale Action Figure

    He hasn't been on display since 2004. This is a 1/6th scale action figure. The tissue paper stuck to the Veclro tab that was there. I'll leave it up to the buyer as to how they want to clean it off. Officially known as "android 001" which was made in 2002 by Time Wave Zero. What you see is...