1. Chase Butler

    Star Wars Jyn Erso A180 Blaster Real Vintage MGC Luger P08

    Selling my recently completed Jyn Erso A180 blaster. Made from a real MGC Luger P08 and AW Custom A180 Conversion Kit. Unfortunately the part where the upper receiver and barrel connect was broken when I received it but I put it back together with some cyanoacrylate and it's been holding...
  2. Field Marshall

    Interest Jyn Erso's blaster A180 kit and complete

    One of my favorite all time blasters I had to do this build ... Whole heartily researched and CNC machined from aluminum and steel with the help of several friends on this forum including the input from ART and Scott I think this will be a great and fun project for the community . I have 30...