3d print armor

  1. SuperheroDIY

    3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build

    (trying to move this out of the Marvel forum as that seems geared more to MCU stuff) More pics and a gallery over on my website: Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1 Well, after months and months and months of work, I finally have an Armored Spider-Man costume (Spider Armor MK1) that I can put...
  2. SuperheroDIY

    (MOVED) Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1

    Moved to 3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build
  3. cassius

    Interest Spartan War Hero armor kit (files for 3D printing) from Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Hey guys, Due to covid I lost my job and am currently looking for a new one. Because of that I might have to start selling some of my files so I'm gauging interest for the Spartan hero: Files would include: Helmet with removable plume for easy transport Front torso Back Torso Vambraces Shin...
  4. D

    Iron Man Inner Parts / Endoskeleton

    As the title says, i'm looking for 3D models of the inner parts of an Iron Man suit for me to 3D print. Currently working on a Mark 42 that opens up on front like the one seen in the Toys Asia youtube video. (i want a statue like that, not a wearable cosplay) The problem is, i've been looking...
  5. FranklyBuilt

    MK85 Iron Man Cosplay w/ Infinity Stones - 100% 3D Printed (Pic and resource heavy)

    Hello everyone! My name's Frank! I'm 29 and currently stationed in the UK with my wife and doggos. I've been in the USAF for 8 years now and been overseas the entire time. I've been a lurker here for a while and i've been wanting to post this but every time i think it's done; i want to change or...
  6. R

    First Order 3D printed armor

    Hey everyone, I am new to cosplay, but I've always awed at the amazing armor of the 501st troopers. I want First Order TFA armor and was thinking of going the 3d printing route, is this recommendable and has anyone have experience printing TFA armor? There are files available on the internet...
  7. TK29297

    3D Printed C-3PO Costume contest

    Hey guys ! I am here to call all Star Wars fans to support me in a costume contest. I built a 3D printed C-3PO and I'm trying to win this 3D printing contest.I am currently in the top 10 and I really need all Star Wars fans to win this contest. Just join the following group and vote for my...
  8. slipgatecentral

    Warhammer 40k inspired helmet

    Hi everyone! New user here. I'd like to share my project and maybe get some advice as I move through the fabrication process from more experienced crafters. I started this project while ago, with initial goal of making game 3D model based on concept done by a good friend of mine Alexey...
  9. P

    Iron Man MKVI 3D print

    A few years ago I built a cardboard MKIV suit for a kid's birthday party and it was ... adequate. It lit up, it made noises, it was impressive to five year olds and for a while that was enough. Since then it's stood in my office gently decaying. Which is fine, but I've got a 3D printer now...
  10. Shc0088

    Arkham Origins Armor

    Another update on my project. Now I'm designing the body armor for the suit. Hopefully I'll be printing it next month!!