1. Sidswoorch

    Common MGC & Marushin Replica Pistols

    So my dear old Dad sold MGC and Marushin Replica Guns in the 1980s. I just sold an MGC Mauser which is obviously what the Star Wars DL-44 Blaster is based on. I have a few other All-Zinc Replicas left over from that time. Is there any RPF interest in just plain MGC revolvers and 1911’s and such...
  2. Buissonland

    Alien: Isolation .357 Revolver

    Hi there ! After playing that game years ago, I begun seeking informations about that mythical revolver. And so when I aquired enough 3d design skills, I naturally went for it ! :) Here are some steps in the making of my replica of the Alien: Isolation .357 Revolver ! Those were my main...