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  1. Aldo The Apache

    What is the best 300 Spartan sword

    Title pretty much says it all, just want to know the best 300 spartan sword, licensed or not. Thanks, Matthew
  2. A

    300 Leonidas Helmet Build

    I started this with a pepakura build. Big thanks to AceHigh for the file and Jason02 for the unfolding. Sorry I did not take pics shortly after I finished the built, the pics are after I applied some wall filler to the pepakura base and 3 coats of resin, I fiberglassed the inside one layer (this...
  3. W

    Limited Run 300 Spartan helmet

    Casting Fettpride's 300 Spartan helmet in Resin and Gelcoat! These are raw and flashing is trimmed. PM fr more info. Shipped price: $235 Resin
  4. E

    Cape Materials (Specifically 300 Spartan, Superman, and Batman

    Hey Everyone, I've had some experience in the past making capes from cosplays and some Halloween costumes. However, I am far from an expert on fabrics and materials. I mostly just try to match colors as best I can at the local fabric store. There are too many different options of cottons, wool...
  5. A

    Artimis' 300 Leonidas Foam build -- Halloween 2015 Costume Contest Entry

    I've always been a big fan of the movie 300 and thought it would be fun to do a Spartan-style family Halloween this year. With only two weeks to complete the build (not just my costume but my wife and daugther's as well), it was very tiring but worth the effort! Getting the stomach flu in the...
  6. GoldPointProps

    Metal 300 King Leonidas Helmet Build

    hello! I am going to be building a metal replica of king Leonidas's helmet from 300 after I finish up my metal iron man helmet. I will be using 18 gauge sheet steel. I looked into making it out of bronze but a sheet the size needed to make the helmet was $1500 so ill just stick with steel. this...
  7. LabFarm

    New to the forums. The 300

    So this is my first build, I have whanted to make stuff like this for a long time and have been looking at the forums for long time... So here it goes ;) I work as a 3D/VFX artist and have worked on some films and games but never made a prop by my self (well made some 3d prints for a company in...
  8. E

    Greek Helmet-- Questions?

    Hello all, I am an artist, but have only recently gotten really into crafting my own designs on anything other than paper. I am currently working on a variation of the typical Greek Hoplite helmet, and wonder what the best (preferably fairly simple, it's my first helmet) way is to go about...
  9. maiux

    300 King Leonidas replica helmet

    Helmet made on cardboard, paper mache, fiberglass, resin and terracotta. For the crest i used synthetic hair and for fixing i tried lhairspray, gels etc but in the end the best solution was a product called stiffener generally used to secure decorative fabrics.
  10. H

    Themistokles - 300: Rise of an Empire

    Hiya! So in anticipation of the second movie (I was an enormous fan of the first) I decided to build the gear of the main character, Themistokles. Wanting this costume done for this past weekend - the movie release and Toronto ComiCon - I had to do a ton of research with less that ideal...
  11. madrick

    300 Leonidas Helmet FOAM

    Hey guys, I've been interested in making a 300 Spartan King Leonidas helmet and couldn't find any foam pepakura out their. So I've modified a standard pepakura design of the helmet to be suitable for foam. Enjoy! Haven't made it myself, yet, but will post pics when I do...
  12. F

    300 Leonida's Helmet - W.I.P.

    hello, I know that as a prop is not very trendy, but I love this movie, and I wanted to make the Leonida's Helmet to be included in my personal collection. Here are some photos: I would like some advice to make the effect bronze. Not for the painting but to realize those little holes you...
  13. W

    Shawn's 300 Spartan Halloween Costume

    So... after setting the goal to transform my body into that of Leonidas in the movie 300 last year in november - I finally obtained all the pieces... Here's some pics from this halloween - it was epic and fun!
  14. travsall

    300 Spartan helmet paint up, Tim Allen casting

    Got this beauty in a few days ago, some may remember the first 300 helmet casting I did up a few years ago, a REAL fun build! I finally got around to grabbing another V1 casting from Tim to replace that first one that was sold, missed it ever since LOL here's the new version, finished up...
  15. Got Maul

    Got Maul's Screen Used 300 Spartan !!

    I finally got my mannequin today and threw everything on. All together, I went for a stage two and even went so far as to go for the clean shield since I had never seen one before. There were only five clean shields left in Propstore so I feel very lucky to have been able to get this one ...
  16. Got Maul

    300 Screen Used Props Go On Sale!

    on February the 4th ! Just FYI if anyone was looking to expand their collection . http://www.propstore.com/300promo.htm
  17. Art Andrews

    Braks and Mirax's Screen Used Spartan Hoplite from 300

    While there are a number of replicas floating around, this is a complete SCREEN USED Spartan Hoplite costume from the movie 300. There were only approximately 15 of these costumes released from Warner Brothers to the Propstore of London and only 10 had swords. We were blessed enough to get one...

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