1. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner 2049 "Trash Mesa" Relief Piece

    This is kind of an indulgent experiment, but I'm making a (not really a diorama, more like a) bas relief of the Trash Mesa, in (about) 1:87 / HO scale. The intention is to cast this in cold cast iron, and let oxidation have its way with it... The printed peugeot needed a little bit of cleanup...
  2. 0

    Calling all Blade Runner Blaster Fans... (lots of pics)

    Hi guys, I've only posted a few times on here and have been getting into 1:1 movie props. I bought the holy grail: a blade runner blaster but kept it quiet because it was 3D printed and I thought nobody would want to hear about it here as it was a "lower class" compared to a Tomenosuke. The...