1. hoosleberg

    Scratch/kitbashed 1/24 X-wing

    For the past 3 months I've been slowly chipping away at a studio scale T-65. I have been able to source about 10 of the less rare kits on ebay. For the hard to find kits I plan to scratch or 3d print the pieces. Full size drawings posted on the forums, the ILM Red 3 pics and Bandai's 1/72 kit...
  2. Jacobalcook

    Red 2 Captain Cardboard Legacy X-Wing

    Hey guys, Inspired by many of the fantastic modelers here and elsewhere, I have completed my first Studio Scale model: Red 2. It was built from a new cast by Hoss Hobbies of the Captain Cardboard masters. Though I have experience with resin models, this was a pretty challenging build and I...
  3. madebyap

    AP's Studio Scale TIE Fighter (2020)

    Greetings prop and model makers! Last year I found a studio scale TIE fighter on eBay, as the story goes, it was sitting in the seller's garage for the past ten years and he never got to it. He says it was a Nice-N model that was miscast, so he got it really cheap. I posted pictures and video...
  4. BorgHive

    1/24 Rogue One TIE SRIKER build

    This is going to be my build thread for this huge 1/24 scale TIE Striker resin kit which when the wing guns get mounted will be over 28 inches long. Using the clear red cockpit sidewalls I'll be lighting up the cockpit and rear engines. This model is in scale with all 1/24 star wars fighters