1:1 scale

  1. JKRIB

    DALEK w/ Lights + Sounds! FULL LIFE SIZE 1:1 Scale DOCTOR WHO Prop Replica

    DALEK FROM DOCTOR WHO! Full, Life Size 1:1 Scale Prop Replica. Features lights, sounds and can be piloted from inside! Comes apart in sections, for easy transportation and storage. Design inspired by the 2005 TV series. Brown and gold color scheme, with some battle weathering. SIZE: 5 feet 5...
  2. jholt

    Want to Buy LeMarchand's Constantine Lighter

    I'm looking to buy one of LeMarchand's 1:1 metal Constantine lighters. Thanks!
  3. Sithslayer78

    1:1 T-70 X-Wing Cockpit/Simpit

    Hello There! I've been planning on starting this build for 2 years now, but with the impending release of Squadrons and all this free time I have at home now, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. This is going to be a full 1:1 scale T-70 cockpit functioning as a simpit for space...
  4. Cyan Junkie

    Destiny Jade Rabbit Exotic Scout Rifle (foam)

    Hey all! A few months ago I built a full scale replica of the Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle from Destiny. I went with the paintjob from Destiny 1 because I just thought it looked better. I used the templates from the Foamsmith Vo.2 ebook published by Punished Props. I added a few small modifications...