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    New T REX

    That looks awesome. I wish I could sculpt like that. I love the pose.

    Need Help/Tutorial for Dying a Suit

    You might find more help in the costume section.

    Enterprise D - "Generations" (pic heavy)

    I haven't seen him on too much lately. But what he did was mask off the groups of windows on the inside and sprayed the inside black and then a white layer over that. And then masked off each window individually and painted the outside. You can see more pics over at scale model addict.

    Another MPC Millennium Falcon Modification

    This looks like a massive under taking, but looks like so much fun too. Great job man.

    Accurized 1/144 Fine Molds Millennium Falcon

    This is looking INCREDIBLE! I'd been admiring your skills for a while, I had no idea you lived so close to me. Do you know of any good hobby shops in the area?

    Vinyl kit build help

    Vinyl kits can be challenging for even the best of builders. I can honestly say I've never finished one. I had a vinyl endo skull, I found that a pot of boiling water made quick work of de-warping the kits. I also had a Boba Fett model made of vinyl. When you finish the kit, make sure you...

    AMT Batman models *HELP NEEDED!*

    Re: AMT Batman models Elmers does make wood glue, but Elmers white glue is commonly known as children's glue or school glue.

    AMT Batman models *HELP NEEDED!*

    Re: AMT Batman models I use elmers glue for putting canopies on. I wouldn't use scotch tape to hold the parts together while you glue them, the model glue will eat through it. Try using blue painters tape.

    Vacuum/pressure chamber advice

    Thanks for the advice guys, It really helps a lot. My plan with the clear top was to cut a channel and pour in some silicone. What's the difference between the stages of a pump? I've seen some that are single and two stage, but still the same amount of cfm. I'm assuming its the same concept as...

    So what primer are you guys using for builds>

    I use duplicolor high build primer for my scratch builds, but i used to use mr.surfacer primer for kits. It's probably the same as tamiya primer.

    Vacuum/pressure chamber advice

    The ones I've been seeing are 3cfm is that enough?

    Vacuum/pressure chamber advice

    I usually use mold max 20-30. I was under the understanding that you want to vacuum degass the silicone, but when you cast in resin you want to pressure cast. Not being able to see in is why I have hopes of replacing the lid some day with an acrylic one for degassing and just use this lid for...

    Vacuum/pressure chamber advice

    Hey guys, check out my recent score! I was helping my landlord clean out his garage, so I could cast my proton pack shells without worrying about the weather, and he threw this on the trailer to be taken to the dump! I wasted no time in claiming it, I've started cleaning it up with some high...

    My Duct Tape and PVC Pipe Mannequin (WIP)

    Make sure you leave a hole open for the foam to escape from, or all your work to this point could be ruined because the tape couldn't withstand the pressure of the expanding foam.

    1/2000 Klingon Bird of Prey

    The problem with the question of scale, is that the BoP was all over the place size wise through out the series.

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