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    Big Bang Theory

    I'm angry because after watching all 12 seasons of the show our DVR apparently decided on it's own to not record the final two episodes, so I have no idea how the whole thing ended. And these new smilies/emoticons suck.
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    Anybody else sick of this Superhero, overplayed cash cow?

    I realized I was burned out on the "Superhero" genre while I was sitting in a theater in July of 2015 about 20-30 minutes into Ant-Man. I found myself thinking, "Oh good, another origin story about a guy who doesn't want to be a hero but will be forced into it anyway." And shortly thereafter I...
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    JAWS ORCA Model W/ Capt Quint

    Oh, right, I forgot about Bruce. Frightening, ain't he? :p
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    Disney announces movie plans through 2027

    Yep, they'll bring Mutt Williams back just to stab Indy through the heart with a sword. :p
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    JAWS ORCA Model W/ Capt Quint

    If all else fails you could use these: :D
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    Vader Versus Obi Wan (New ANH Version)

    Count me in with the "not an improvement" crowd. Mildly interesting, but not better (with regards to context and execution) than the original footage.
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    JAWS ORCA Model W/ Capt Quint

    Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women.
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    Bandai release schedule

    Ha! I thought the exact same thing when Hunk a Junk mentioned the size discrepancy. (y)
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    Most iconic car in history

    Interesting. I was 6'2" at the time I drove it, and I remember having to duck to avoid hitting my head on the open door while getting in and out. And once the door was closed there was very little elbow room. Other than that... :D
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    Most iconic car in history

    I knew I was gonna' take some flak for that comment. Happy to see youse guys didn't disappoint! I've never driven a Pantera, but I have driven a DeLorean. Cramped interior, useless little window, uncomfortable seats, and no faster than your average Ford Pinto. I had more fun driving my '61...
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    Most iconic car in history

    The difference here is that the Volkswagen Beetle is known around the world for being a Volkswagen Beetle. If it weren't for the Back to the Future movies I'm convinced the DeLorean would have faded into obscurity in automotive history because it's really a terrible car.
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    "The Orville". A Seth McFarlane Space Adventure on Fox

    And all because Kelly wouldn't go on a second date with Ed. What a b****!!! :p
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    Movie car myths...

    You aren't missing anything.
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    Bandai release schedule

    Bandai sure is getting a lot of mileage out of those R2 molds. :rolleyes: