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    costume making with foam

    Evil Ted has a ton of great videos on his channel showing you how to work with foam. Here's a good place to start.
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    Truckers' cap maker advice.

    Can you sew or know someone who can?
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    Truckers' cap maker advice.

    Can't help you with the hat, but I have made my own custom trucker hat patches. My daughter wanted a Von Doom trucker hat in the style of the Von Dutch logo. I imported the Von Dutch logo into Fusion 360 and used the spline tool to outline the letters. Then I did a lot of copy and paste and...
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    Building The Death Star - PRODUCTION

    Your Death Star is pretty good, too.
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    Building The Death Star - PRODUCTION

    I just finished my to-scale Alderaan.
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    Advanced Prop Making at Katsucon 2019

    Is anyone going to Katsucon in Maryland Feb. 15th - 17th? My daughter and I are presenting a panel Friday night entitled Advanced Prop Making for the (Almost) Complete Beginner. We're going to show the Lance of Longinus from Evangelion, Sephiroth's sword and armor from Final Fantasy VII and...
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    first helmet help

    How experienced a prop maker are you? If you're just starting out, foam floor mats are an easy way to get into helmets. With a little practice and patience, you can get really good results without spending a fortune. Like a "10 ft prop", one that looks great from 10 feet. Evil Ted Smith has...
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    Let's see your work-space.

    I split my time between Nova Labs in Reston, VA and my home shop. Nova Labs – A Community Makerspace Nova Labs has it all, full wood and metal shop, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers and cutters. I do all my big work and rough cutting there. I use my home shop for small projects and...
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    Roto casting machine question

    Yes, that clam shell is called the mother mold. By Smooth-On's mother mold material do you mean Plasti-Paste? I've used it. It is expensive and heavy. You need to do 3 or 4 layers of fiberglass but you don't need 1/2". Maybe an 1/8" to 3/16". You need the mother mold to be light but...
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    Roto casting machine question

    A slip ring. I used a mechanical linkage on mine, so I only have one motor and didn't have to worry about slip rings. OTOH, mine struggles with heavier molds. Having separate motors for each frame would probably be stronger.
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    Superman pedestal / tall table PICS!

    That looks great. What kind of foam and how did you encapsulate it?
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    Help With Molding A Stone Guard?

    A squish mold is just a two part mold that is optimized for thin sections and doesn't require an opening for pouring the resin. They are a little harder to make than a standard two part mold because you have to be more careful getting the clay layer right. Other than that, they are the same.
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    Help With Molding A Stone Guard?

    I was worried about the pegs on the outside ring. I couldn't tell from the pix your posted how the ones in the mesh connect to the rest of the part. Think of it this way. As you lower the top of the squish mold into the bottom half, any cavities that project up into the top half will trap...
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    Help With Molding A Stone Guard?

    After sleeping on it, I think he could make the mold with the pegs pointing down. Then he might not need to vent it. I'd have to see the part myself to know for sure. He could add some Smooth-On UVO to the Onyx to make it more UV resistant.
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    Homer's Chili Spoon

    Did you do the drawings, too?