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  1. Zeddloger

    Kylo Ren Saber hollow hilt for electronics

    Amazing files, here's mine hot off the printer :D
  2. Zeddloger

    First Completed Project! Ood from Doctor Who

    Hey there RPF, wanted to share my first completed project, an Ood mask from Doctor Who. First time sculpting, so I just started adding clay, hoping I could turn it into something. After some time I refined the sculpt till I was happy and started the scary part.... molding. Luckily the mold...
  3. Zeddloger

    Unlimited Run Batman The Dark Knight Rises cowls and hoods

    Just got one of these cowl/ hood combos and just gotta say the craftsmanship is superb. The hood is very comfy and absolutely perfect, definitely pick one of these bad boys up!
  4. Zeddloger

    Captain America Stealth Shield

    I'm in the same boat, any info on blanks?
  5. Zeddloger

    Want to Buy WTB Begins/ Dark Knight cowl

    Hey RPF. Finally have some money to burn and need to add to my Batman obsession lol. Looking to buy either a Begins or Dark Knight cowl, preferably in urethane. Help me out!
  6. Zeddloger

    Arkham Origins Batman suit build

    As usual, beyond impressed with your work. Great job man!
  7. Zeddloger

    Predator my take on a p1 finished sculpt

    Amazing sculpt and great pull. Man I know exactly how you feel, just went through the same thing with a Dark Knight sculpt I was working on forever. Got to molding and the wall broke, then the rage took over lol. This thread's inspiring me to redo it and hopefully get the same results as you :D
  8. Zeddloger

    New 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

    Got mine preordered! Now to try and forget about it for a month and a half....
  9. Zeddloger

    Finished! 8 Foot Hulk Pics!

    Re: 8 Foot Hulk! Very ambitious... I love it! Always nice to see something truly unique on here, looking forward to seeing how this shapes up!
  10. Zeddloger

    Iron Man 1 Electromagnet Research & Build Thread

    Not sure what it is but that main body sure reminds me of a distributor, could be a start!
  11. Zeddloger

    Thundercats Sword of Omens build (6/10 - first pull - w. images pg.9)

    Re: Thundercats Sword of Omens build (5-28 update w. images pg.9) Holy mother of.... I want. Amazing work!
  12. Zeddloger

    Thorssoli's Ironman MkIII Build - Finished Suit Pics Page 26!!

    Re: Just What This Forum Needs: Another Ironman Build When I first saw the title I thought "Great, another foam and hot glue Iron Man." Then I scrolled down. Good God man this is freakin amazing, very professional. Keep up the good work!

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