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    Functional Pip-boy 3000 Mk IV from Fallout 4

    I do have all the parts to build my real-world component StimPak. So that may be coming soon as it won't take much time. Info on this stupid attic for anyone interested.
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    Functional Pip-boy 3000 Mk IV from Fallout 4

    I have been working on lots of 3D printed projects that I can sell on These add to my hobby fund. I also recently ordered some updated Dosimeter 3D printed parts. I just need to get off my duff and finish the electronics on that. I have been working hard on my workshop. Trying to...
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    Fallout 76

    The stuff they revealed at E3 reinforces that notion that they released an unfinished game a year too early. It would explain why there are so many interesting looking areas in the game, with absolutely no actual story to them. I don't mind the battle royal, as long as they don't force it upon...
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    Vacuum Forming Lexan

    I don't know actually, we had a metal buck, so we just put it in the oven on top of it until we noticed it starting to sag. The first two times we ended up with bubbles in a few spots, and the third time (after adding pans) worked. We hand formed it to the buck using leather gloves.
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    Vacuum Forming Lexan

    I haven't vacuum formed it, but I once did a project where I heated lexan in an oven and then hand-formed it over a buck. (No major details, just a curve). It worked well only if fully evenly heated. (Had to put some pans on each side to diffuse the heat). Years later, I learned that is very...
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    Darth Vader 3D puzzle. How can I replicate it?

    You need to also ensure your 3D model has some sort of keyed post or set of dowels going up the middle for assembly. Then you need a slicer program. Autodesk has one that works just for cardboard or other materials. (Note I have never used it, I just know it exists) You need to determine your...
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    ‘Apollo 11’ Trailer: The Moon Landing Documentary Critics Call ‘Astonishing’

    Finally watched this, and it was mind blowing. Seeing the huge amount of engineering and people required really put the whole endeavor into perspective. I hope they release a 4K copy, I need to see all those machines in detail.
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    Metro Exodus Hand Crank Charger

    I have thought this through very much so, with many years of electrical engineering school and work behind my comments. I was trying to be helpful and educational. I am not trying you say your wrong, after all this is a mostly fictional device, and the artist may not have included all the parts...
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    Metro Exodus Hand Crank Charger

    The handle is just a handle. It has no electrical function. The motor wires are hidden behind the assembly, you can see three wires on the upper-left on the in-game images. Here is how it should work: Hand crank drives the generator, lets assume it is an alternating current generator, since...
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    Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

    So a friend finally convinced me to watch the 2nd season... He said it gets better. Ummm ya...:rolleyes: They replaced the literal magical pixie dust with an "Angel". The angel turns out to be a god power granting super-suit. It is also a time machine and a teleporter. The main story about...
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    Upcoming Hasbro tubeless light saber?

    From the patent: As Trooper_Trent said: This will work like a tape measure, where the outer material is flat when spooled, but curved when deployed. It wouldn't be strong enough to hold up to anything other than non-contact mock fighting. It also requires external power. Perhaps they should...
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    Metro Exodus Hand Crank Charger

    Those look to be terminals similar to what you see on a speaker, but fully right angle. See images here. Similar terminals are used on old high voltage devices, they are made by riveting a metal terminal to a paper or plastic backer. You can actually still by these as solderable terminal strips.
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    John Hammond Cane Made Out of Bone - Jurassic Park

    It looks amazing.
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    Game of Thrones

    I was good with the ending. Really the whole series as a whole. Folks get too hung up on all endings having to be fairy tail version, which is why too many shows just end on a baby and a wedding. Real life just isn't that stable. Who else wonders if John, who escaped to the north, will come...
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    John Hammond Cane Made Out of Bone - Jurassic Park

    Great start. I think too many folks are concerned only about the look of a prop, while in my mind a true replica should be as good or even better than the original movie prop intended.