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    Firefly - Deleted scene prop

    Wow...very impressive looking! One of those props what was a shame it ended up relegated to the deleted scenes. Really nice job on it!
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    A few new photos... (Trek Props)

    Wow...very nice collection! I like how the data pads were used for autographs. Nice touch.
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    What is your Favorite Film Quote?

    My faves that I use often... "It's not the's the mileage" - Raiders of The Lost Ark "I aim to misbehave" - Serenity "Machete don't text." - Machete
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    An Experiment: List your All-Time 3 Favorite Songs.

    Peace Of Mind - Boston Fantasty - Earth, Wind & Fire I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack. I love the energy and the messages in the first two songs on my list. 'I Hope You Dance' was quoted to me by my fiance in the hospital before she passed away. It hadn't hit it big on the radio yet...
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    Pick one, and only one: Scariest movie

    For me, it's also 'The Exorcist' hands down. I saw that movie as a young teenager as others have pointed out, the fact that it was based on true events makes the movie that much more frightening to me. The gore and over the top violence in the slasher genre never scared me, its always the...
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    That Batmobile is really exceptional! Looks good enough to be one of the officially licensed models made over at I agree, heck of a first post, welcome to the boards, Bob!
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    Next Tom Clancy Movie - Without Remorse?

    In all of the Clancy novels I have always pictured Kelly/Clark as 'Jaws' era Robert Shaw. Shaw could go from gentlemanly to menacing on a dime and always looked as if he's seen way too much in the world... I can't think of any actors off of the top of my head that come close to that...
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    Most underated movies (what are yours?)

    Witness - Harrison Ford as a wounded cop in Amish Country. It did get some award considerations, but is often a 'forgotten' film it seems. The Final Countdown - I remember seeing this in the theaters as a kid. While the efx are not fantastic, the idea of a modern era aircraft carrier time...
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    Help Identifying Molds - Firefly?

    ^ Double this sentiment... but can always hope.
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    My newest Riddick additions!

    Nice scores! I love those movies. So cool that so much of the original props went up for sale. Will be interesting to see what comes out of the new Riddick film.
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    New Christopher Reeve 1.1 Scale Silicone Superman statue FINISHED 11,9, new pic age 4

    Re: New Christopher Reeve 1.1 Scale Silicone Superman statue FINISHED 11,9 That is flat out amazing work. Wonderful likeness captured and the expression gives a real life like look to the entire stature. To echo everyone else, extremely well done!
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    Help Identifying Molds - Firefly?

    Agree with Yellowjacket on the 1st one. That knurled trigger guard appearance is a dead giveaway. No idea what the circular 2nd mold is for.. Not much to go on there.
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    Bad plot holes in good movies...

    Not so much a plot hole as an observation. At the end of Captain America in the Valkyrie plane, why did all of the smaller buzz planes/bombs have the city names written in English when all of the members of Hydra were German? I have yet to see a vintage WWII pic of a B-17 or B-24 with German...
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    Ironman mkvi pep helm (aiming 99% movie accuracy) - with BLINK/FADE LED EYES

    Re: Ironman mkvi pep helm (aiming 99% movie accuracy) --- ACCURACY CHECK My first time seeing this thread. I have to say that is just about the most impressive helmet build I have seen. Very clean and well defined lines, smooth arcs and great fit after the cutting and cleanup. Just amazing...
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    Need Help finishing my Jayne Cobb

    Just by eyeballing it, it appears to be in roughly the same location as yours is, not any higher.