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    Apollo A7L Spacesuit Build

    I’m embarking on making my own Apollo A7L Spacesuit replica. I certainly don’t expect to be up to Mr. Nagata level (it’s a holy grail for me to own one of his replicas someday), but hopefully I can make something reasonably accurate that can be made with what what I have available. I started...
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    Help with Apollo A7L Spacesuit

    I’d love to make an Apollo A7L spacesuit, but I’m not really sure where to start. Do there exist any fabric patterns, hardware kits, any other resources like that available to give me a starting point? Any help anybody can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Want to Buy Straps for a Captain America Shield

    I'm looking for straps to put on my captain america shield. I have a spun aluminium shield. Preferably I'd want the brackets and the leather straps as well, but just the brackets would work too. PM me if you have anything available.