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  1. ZacharyHurst

    My 1966 Batman Costume

    Little secret........Walking home from elementary school, This was the very first costume I looked down at myself and imagined was on me! No joke, and it felt great!
  2. ZacharyHurst

    Captain America TFA costume WIP (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey Brother Builder! Your suit is extraordinary! I am attacking this build next and I need to ask you a favor. Your shoulder detailing is missing from the "base suits" that I am looking through now. Can you please private message me and tell me where you found yours? It is important to me. I...
  3. ZacharyHurst

    Post your batman suits

    This is My Dark Knight Batman, Fabricated by the Men of Gotham City FX
  4. ZacharyHurst

    Painting foam armor (Iron man Mark VI)

    StyroSpray1000 check my build thread for details
  5. ZacharyHurst

    Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed!

    First impression is Ugh, followed by meh. They have been hit or miss with the 7 suits so far so this is just a miss for me. in order of awesomeness 4,3,1,7,6,5 and then this 8
  6. ZacharyHurst

    Ironman MK VI FOAM speed build for San Diego Comic Con!!

    well done man! hey try to screw with a few little pieces of the foam and make yourself some "upper-thigh-extenders" It makes a HUGE difference on the look when you get pics with the peeps! Congratulations and .....Welcome to the club!
  7. ZacharyHurst

    Pep to Molded Plastics War Machine,Gatling Gun,Stronger Mount and Other WM Weaponry!

    Re: Foam War Machine and Gatling Gun with Stronger Mount and other WM weaponry! Greetings Builder! I love your stories of "repurposing" your wife's things and your dream responses of how proud you wish she was. Been there! Keep up the work brotha, You are doing a great job.
  8. ZacharyHurst

    Iron Man Mk3 Build

    O.K.! Michael, I might have a solution to your flex/cracking problem.........i saw someone create a finished armor using drywall mud and paint! they claimed it held up to being dropped on concrete and only chipping a bit. Here is what they did, Apply one thin coat of compound and lightly sand to...
  9. ZacharyHurst

    Iron Man Mk3 Build

    Lookin' Good brotha'! Is that a maniquin in the background of that pic? For the full suit display when you are done? Do it! Have fun and welcome to the world of IM Builders!
  10. ZacharyHurst

    Tandem Build Iron Man Mark IV AND Iron Maiden/lolita

    Hi Ray! Every single file i used to make the Mark IV except for my own mods which have no template, is on this site. Check back thru my threads and follow the names of the peeps I thank and you should find everything you need to build your own. Good luck and we cant wait to see pics of your...
  11. ZacharyHurst

    My Gotham City FX Dark Knight suit

    Latest edited shot of the suit.
  12. ZacharyHurst

    My Gotham City FX Dark Knight suit

    O.K It's official! Paulilu Productions is making a SNL style "Sketch for the new Lorne Michael's YouTube channel,. They have rented The Batsuit and are going to do a Chris Nolan Dark Knight fighting with Bane and then have the Burt Ward Robin show up to help and mess everything up. Should be a...
  13. ZacharyHurst

    Our Iron Man Mark IV

    Re: Our Iron Man Mark IV (thigh-codpiece mobility video on post #13) You should be VERY proud of your build! There are some really special parts in there. The finished suit is truly amazing!
  14. ZacharyHurst

    My Gotham City FX Dark Knight suit

    This suit might be used by an Ad group out in L.A. GCFX knows how to make some amazing stuff!
  15. ZacharyHurst

    My Gotham City FX Dark Knight suit

    Hi guys, I have been away from the forum for a while and I wanted to share with everyone the new suit in my collection. This is the full costume that I won in the raffle at megacon this year. the guys at GCFX did an amazing job on this suit and It fit me almost tailored right out of the box! I...

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