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    An Open Letter to Disney - Visiting Galaxy's Edge

    Thx for the photos, the place looks awesome...I have a the Falcon full size, as in a complete ship or just part of it poking out of the building?
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    Display Stands - Ikea $10

    Ikea has a surprising amount of cool stuff for scratch building...and cheap as chips! SAV...Self Adhesive Vinyl.....basically a sheet of film that has a sticky side and a coloured side. THAT coloured side can really be anything.
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    Question Subscribe to Thread and All My posts (answered)

    Okay, so how do I subscribe to a thread. I tried Watch threads, but it keeps emptying itself...and where do I find the list of my latest OR all of my last posts...doesn't seem to be in my profile thingy anywhere...?
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    Display Stands - Ikea $10

    I can I tone the black stand color down on a budget...? I got some silver foil SAV and wrapped it's a major improvement on the black and still a more cost effective alternative to clear acrylic.
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    Scratch Build SD

    That thing is huge!...great job so far..!...what type of glue are you using..? I see corflute and styrene as some of the substrates, did you use just one type of glue or different types depending on the material...?
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    Most iconic car in history

    Landspeeder!’s got wheels right?
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    Display Stands - Ikea $10

    Best part of the stand's is that you can change the height to suit the display.
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    Display Stands - Ikea $10

    I usually use clear acrylic for the base and rod of my display stands, but it's seriously expensive, so I found this at Ikea. It's a $10 lamp and stand with a 2.5kg base, not as good as clear acrylic but for $10 it's a viable alternative.
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    6-ft scratchbuilt X-Wing

    My 1/18 scale Hasbro Hero X wing has that measurement at 10cm, yours is 25cm.... so your scale 1/9th...?? That could be wrong as I suck at math..... looks really good so far....great scratch building
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    DeAgostini 1:18 X-Wing

    Yes they are VERY expensive, if you buy the wings and engines to convert the Hasbro 1/18 it's like $500 !! That's why I built and cast my own for my personal build, thinking I'd offer them for sale, but there wasn't much interest and if you think about the commitment to provide all the parts...
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    My large x wing prop build ☺

    While I admire your enthisuaim and looking good so far...change your thread title to reference the scale you're building to. It's hardly 1:1 scale, so exactly what is the scale it will be finalise at...??? Great work so far, I have great respect for anyone who builds something with their own...
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    Tie Fighter - New Wings

    Thx, it's nowhere as good as proper mold silicon, but it turned out alright.
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    Tie Fighter - New Wings

    Cast enough centre details for the new wings. Saved money doing it with cheap resin and caulking silicon, it was interesting to try it out, not detial friendly though Once I add some greebiles in and around it will be fine.....if not I might use proper silicon.
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    Tie Fighter - New Wings

    Not the best silicon mold result, struggles a bit with detail, but it will probably work.
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    Tie Fighter - New Wings

    Re: Tie Fighter Time...!! A bit more work, not overly accurate, I just used what was lying around, but once cast and painted it will work for my display. .