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    Thor Son of Odin!!

    Heres a pic as it stands now. Hair is off and ready for refining. Hoping to have him finished ready for molding next week. More soon
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    Lurtz the Uruk Hai

    Lovely job. Looks great!!
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    MrX resident evil 2 mask

    cool job. Love the games....
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    1/4 Scale - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones statue by Arnie Kim

    An awesome sculpt.ld say its the Best one of Harrison Ford Ive ever seen.
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    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Nice job man, Looking good.
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    Thor Son of Odin!!

    Its just a regular buff pottery clay. water based
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    ahahahah yeah that would be really funnny. I actually worked a bit on Vikings so i know all the guys in there...
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    T-Rex sculpt for puppet WIP

    Looking very cool
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    Thor Son of Odin!!

    Bit more work done in between other work. Nearly ready for some finer details and texture. Pictures not uploading properly. I'll post them tomorrow
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    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    soon, ill have finished pics. really busy here at the minute
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    Airbrush recommendations

    I would recommend the paasche H for beginners...Great airbrush, super easy to clean, a great all round airbrush, built like a tank, ....single action. I use this for everything from silicone painting, spraying cap plastic for prosthetics, prop painting etc.. have had mine for 10 years plus but...
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    Thor Son of Odin!!

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    Thor Son of Odin!!

    Thanks! Yeah thats me, still doing it in my spare time. More pics soon. Just finishing him up now
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    Thor Son of Odin!!

    Hy guys been away for a while. heres a WIP of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Still a bit to do. hair is just for placement and to get an overall feel. Hope you like. Will be doing a few resin and silicone heads. Also will have finished pics of My Rick Grimes soon. Johnny