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    dieselpunk prop rifels

    for the rubber starwars guns i believe youre talking about hyperfirm or HFX you can find them on facebook
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    Want to Buy Screen accurate warriors vest

    Looking to buy a 100% accurate replica vest from the movie The Warriors. Please PM me if you have info
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    P1 Bio

    looks fantastic!
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    My wolf progress :)

    Yeah they are koa wood bowls my uncle in Hawaii makes them my mom is from there as of the table I'm not sure where it's from xD
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    My wolf progress :)

    Thank you :D
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    My wolf progress :)

    My progress on my wolf costume ive been working on i cant wait to get a full suit and all the extras :D Mask made by chuck :D The bio beads, and dreads are made by Casey
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    Wanting to get started

    Talk to wreav he will get you started bro