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    Suggestion Charity, has RPF ever done a charity drive?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if the RPF has had/have a charity drive/build for children in need(cancer,terminally ill, etc)? If not, I would like to purpose a thread were people can build props like helmets, hammers, shields or anything to help lift the spirits of children in hospitals. I...
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    Futurama: Zero-G Juggs

    I recreated Scruffy's zero-g juggs mag for ECCC. I figure I should share the glory.
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    Infinity Gauntlet Thanos Gloves

    wow looks incredible, I need to start building mine, any chance of uploading those reference photos?
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    The "I'm painting a Captain America Shield" thread

    So I have a question that I have been filtering through this post about. With battle damaging your shield, did you apply the damage(acrylic paint and sanding) before or after the clear coat? I was thinking of doing this after the clear coat due to the "damage" would happen to a clean shield...
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    Cap shield off to a bad start

    damn, been there before. I ordered two just incase that would happen.