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    Totoro, Adam Savage version

    So I had a minor set back. Remember how I mentioned it was important not to just squeeze the tape together when attaching the rings to each other... Yeah, I though I had reinforced or replaced all of it but apparently not. Now I have added a lot of extra duct tape because overkill is...
  2. skeleton with muslin

    skeleton with muslin

  3. internal shot of skeleton

    internal shot of skeleton

  4. foam spacer width

    foam spacer width

  5. foam spacer length

    foam spacer length

  6. foam spacer height

    foam spacer height

  7. Totoro


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    Totoro, Adam Savage version

    As promised: As you can see I used quite a bit of duct tape. The PVC tubing, although light is not nearly as light as just the rattan that Adam used. I found that as I added more and more rings at the bottom, the top (and even a few of the middle rings) warped more in areas I had not...
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    Totoro, Adam Savage version

    A quick pic of how I used the rattan and the PVC tubing together. Leave a lot more rattan overlapping the seam than what is in the photo to make the joint stronger. Held the two pieces of PVC together with duck tape. I made the foam spacers like Adam did out of an old foam core science fair...
  10. totoro skeleton 1

    totoro skeleton 1

  11. totoro skeleton assembly 2

    totoro skeleton assembly 2

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    Totoro, Adam Savage version

    I happen to be nearly the same height as Adam, 6 foot- 6 foot 1 inch (depending on which convenience store I'm robbing) so I used this screen shot to plan how many rings I was going to make and what dimensions Adam used. Frustratingly though he does not state nor does he write anywhere that...
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    Totoro, Adam Savage version

    I have started building a Totoro inspired mostly by Adam Savage's video on YouTube. Haven't seen any threads with more detailed guides and after starting on the build I realized there are a few things that needed to be known that were not covered in the build so I am going to share my build and...