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    Wonder Woman dawn of justice foam build with templates

    Does anyone know if there's are assembly instructions anywhere?
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    CA: TFA build on a budget! Free templates inside! helmet done, fabric parts now! :)

    I was wondering if these files were still available anywhere??
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    Darkhawk bucket & gauntlet

    This was honestly one of my favorite comics from the 90's
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    Mk 17 Heartbreaker UPDATED!! 3D (Pep/foam&HD) model WIP

    I was looking for the 3D files, but I appreciate the response... :)
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    Mk 17 Heartbreaker UPDATED!! 3D (Pep/foam&HD) model WIP

    I know it's been quite a few years, but I was curious if these 3D files were still around or not so much...
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    3d printed Iron Man MK 1.5/ Flight Test 2.0/Mech Test build *first boot done*

    Just happened across this post. Boots look amazing!!! Was just wondering if you ever got the files finished and released?
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    DO3D Ironman MK3 extensive build

    Interested to see how yours turns out, I'm also currently working on a MK iii suit. I got my files from Nikko Industries. Would like to see the differences in the files. I wish mine had the flaps as well, that would really make it stand out. I'm modifying the files slightly to give it a little...