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  1. Wheatbee

    ANOVOS Colonial Warrior Battle Jacket - Battlestar Galactica

    My wife and I ordered 2 of them and it's been a year and a half and they're still giving us this "delay" song and dance. I've read a lot of very bad reviews on Better Business Bureau about them. I'm pissed I've not recieved these items and I doubt they would even refund our money at this...
  2. Wheatbee

    Logan's Run wall crystal

    Outstanding work! Logan's Run is my sci-fi passion and I think this is just some fantastic effort here.
  3. Wheatbee

    Limited Run Pre Sale ended/ Logan's Run machined aluminum blaster kit

    Re: Pre Sale/ Logan's Run machined aluminum blaster kit I own one of Nicksdad's kits. He's a great craftsman and quite a reputable fellow. I love his work and you will too!
  4. Wheatbee

    Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer e3

    I'm looking forward to this. It was my favourite in the franchise and hopefully it will leave the gameplay and items left completely intact.
  5. Wheatbee

    Calgary Comic Expo April 2015

    Great info Goonie, thanks for all the tips! Much appreciated! Really stoked to get my advance bracelet tomorrow and meet my friends coming in from BC and Florida! :D
  6. Wheatbee

    Calgary Comic Expo April 2015

    Thanks for all the heads up info, Goonie! :)
  7. Wheatbee

    Calgary Comic Expo April 2015

    I agree that it feels like the guest list is lacking, considering the last two years have just been so stellar. However, i'm personally pleased that Hayley Atwell is going now and there are more announcements tomorrow. I'll be so glad to have a vacation anyways, that i wouldn't care now if the...
  8. Wheatbee

    Calgary Comic Expo April 2015

    I've not seen the parade before, but all indications point to a good time in all the photos I've seen online. The lineup this year started out fairly lack lustre imo but it's improved with the addition of Jewel Staite, Rene Auberjonois, and some other key additions. Only 2 weeks to go! :)
  9. Wheatbee

    Adam West and Burt Ward will be Batman and Robin again

    I cannot wait for this! Stoked!
  10. Wheatbee

    RIP: Irwin Hasen, Golden Age Comic Artist and Creator of "Dondi"

    They don't make them like him anymore. A real legend in the comic art community. He will be missed.
  11. Wheatbee

    Your number one WORST film ever.

    All of the Transformers movies. Can't stand them. And once it's out, i'll be throwing the new Fantastic Four movie in here too. There's not been a good Fantastic Four movie yet, and it looks like that streak isn't going to be broken any time soon.
  12. Wheatbee

    Rhino Cosplay WIP

    Omg. When I clicked on this I was expecting some modern version of the Rhino (ala Spider-Man 2). Was I ever more than pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. This is one of the best cosplay outfits I have ever seen on this site. I'm am absolutely blown away. Total congratulations on a...
  13. Wheatbee

    Korean super hero costume

    Re: Korean super hero What a great father you are! Good work sir!
  14. Wheatbee

    Anyone got a Hundred Grand to spare?

    omg that's the funniest thing I've read in ages, lol I'm more interested now in the person who goes ahead and buys it! lmfao. what a wondrous world we live in!
  15. Wheatbee

    Calgary Comic Expo April 2015

    More Walking Dead cast members added to the line up today. Haven't had a chance to watch the show so I'm not really excited by the news, but many other are. Still hoping they can land some classic sci-fi guests as this year's line up is sorely lacking in them and there's less than 6 weeks to go.

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