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Hello to all those who might possibly read this!

I am a Mechanical Engineer.
I received my degree in 2013 and I am currently working for a pump manufacturer.
It isn't exactly the field I want to work in, but I would not consider myself to be a "Career-Man", I'm more of a "Hobby/Projects-Man". To me, a job is a job, it pays for and allows me to work on my projects, but I would prefer working somewhere that has more resources at my fingertips that I could make use of for my projects. I can always buy myself a 3D-Printer, CNC, or Laser Cutter though.

My passions as an engineer are primarily tied to mechanical and industrial design with solid mechanics/stress simulation being my second favorite focus. I prefer designing the framework and the body of something over its inner workings. Could I design a car engine? I would have to do some research first, but yes I could... but I would rather work on designing the chassis (frame and suspension) and the body of the car and work on its aerodynamics.

I love to design. Creativity and attention to detail are what I am strongest at. I'm great at math and science, but it is my creativity that separates me from others.
Modeling is my favorite thing to do, but redesigning the same thing over and over tires me, I'm always interested in working on a new project, exploring new territories and learning new techniques. I love modeling whether it is Solid Modeling (engineering) or Soft/Mesh Modeling (animation). I know I'm not the best modeler around, I am only ankle deep in terms of mastering everything I have access to, and that is why I am always eager to try out new things and learn more.

One of my projects/hobbies/passions includes me going back and mentoring high school students during the spring as they work on building a robot for the yearly FIRST Robotics Competition.
I loved designing robots in high school, and now that I am beyond that, I do what I can to help influence and challenge future engineers. The principle I always try to teach them is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid); if you can't make semi-functional prototype from wood, pvc, and duct tape, it is probably too complex and it won't be easy to fix when something breaks and there is only a few minutes to make repairs.

My passions, inspirations, and interests in terms of what I want to work on includes Cars, Robotics, Armor, Prosthesis, and believe it or not, Toys.
I would love to work for Hasbro creating Transformers toys, there is so much engineering involved in them...
I would love to work with DARPA making exo-suits.
I would love to work with Chevrolet designing a car that would put them on top.
I would love to design prosthesis for soldiers who lost a limb fighting for a cause, but I would rather design armor to ensure that soldiers wouldn't lose their limbs to begin with.

I love Halo, Transformers, Iron Man, and Gundam. They inspire me to want to create big things.