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    Building a real-size alien egg - help me

    something like that, yes. I can't wait to have this done, i'll post a link to a video, or something as soon as possible thank you so much for your feedback
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    Building a real-size alien egg - help me

    well... yes, but the plan is to have the colonial marine looking at the top of the egg (read: with his head almost stuck inside :)) when it releases, so it won't spin all over. also, we are incorporating a skeleton-like structure into it so it cradles on the face easily, and then he holds it in...
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    Building a real-size alien egg - help me

    I was thinking something like placing a platform with a spring under the facehugger that is released once the strings are pulled all the way... not sure it will work, though, we will have to finish the egg and try it out
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    Building a real-size alien egg - help me

    Hello all My husband built a colonial marine costume and won the qualifier round for a cosplay contest. Now we need to improve said costume for the finals.He wants to recreate a scene where the alien egg opens and a facehugger pops out. so... I have been searching all over for help, I don't...
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    Colonial Marine - under construction

    Here is my husband in his colonial marine costume. Armour was built using pepakura files, then fibreglassed. Still under construction, we had some technical problems with the helmet (it's a 1940's M1, hard as stone, not easy to drill, so we still couldn't get the extra parts in it) Let us kow...
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    My BlackCat costume

    So... I built this for ComicCon Portugal 2014, and have worn it a few times after that All photos shot by our friend Rufus Let me know what you think The mask was made in a worbla/EVA sandwich, then glued on the face with liquid latex When universes collide.... BlackCat kicking some...
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    Helmet and Cannon - motion sensor idea (?)

    Hi all So, I am new to the forum, I browsed around (great works on display here), and I couldn't find a thread to help me. I apologize in advance if this is posted somewhere else We are working on a Machiko costume, and we had this idea (probably crazy, I still don't know) that we could try to...
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    Tricky project - Machiko cannon

    Hello all. We are currently working on a Machiko costume, based on the HotToys figure. One of the ideas is to connect the helmet to the cannon, so the cannon moves when I move my head. It can be done, I just need to know how. We have a basic understanding of electronics and circuits, and the...
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    >> New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves Here! <<

    Hello all :) Glad to be here, you have a great thing going on here. People are really nice, and the progress photos of costumes were a big help for our (me and my hubby) projects. I will post our pics soon Cheers