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    Pretty desperate call for a good UK based spiderman suit

    I don't know if this is the right place for this but... I'm due to show at a charity event in Manchester on the 8th of October as spiderman. My own spiderman suit has a tear down the side that I've only just noticed as I got it out of storage. So, I'm basically asking what the best...
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    Advice on new costume idea...Hail Hydra

    you could modify this for a leaflet
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    Jurassic World Paper Props

    Yeah I figured it was something like that as you're not getting that silver merely with a printer. I might have a stab at foil stamping with my laminator if the printed version doesn't look too good.
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    Jurassic World Paper Props

    Cheers. I've no intention of doing the insides as it's just a cover for my notepad
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    Jurassic World Paper Props

    I knocked this up quickly last night. Its by no means finished. I need to figure out the fonts for the number and the text at the bottom. I also need to slightly modify the main text as i dont think the free jp font i downloaded is as accurate as id like. I want to mess about with the colours a...
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    JURASSIC WORLD Owen Grady Costume

    eight classic JP logos with varying levels of distress
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    Cosplay charity work - legal discussion thread.

    I think the unapproved use of characters is to protect the characters image. Last thing marvel need is spider-man turning up to a hospital stinking of booze and cigarettes an starting a fight.
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    Cosplay charity work - legal discussion thread.

    From the site itself "Such examples of intellectual property infringement are: Unlicensed merchandise using Marvel's characters or names Unapproved commercial use of Marvel characters or trademarks Counterfeit products Illegal copies of Marvel material being sold or distributed." For...
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    TASM Fitness Thread. Get your Spidey Physique tips on exercise and nutrition here!

    Re: TASM Fitness Thread. Get your Spidey Physique tips on exercise and nutrition here Andrew Garfield is probably between 5 1/2 ft and 6ft and about 160lbs. Most of the "muscle" is probably shading on the suit
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    Cosplay charity work - legal discussion thread.

    Re: Charity, fundraiser and cosplay legal discussion thread. I'm not a lawyer but it's my understanding that dressing like a character is not illegal until you begin to profit from doing it.
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    Jurassic World (Post-release)

    Are you a parent? Edit forgot to quote. This is to the guy complaining about the mum crying
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    Matt's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit (First suit + New suit)

    Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suit (No prints, 90% homemade) That's smart. I love the home made efforts. Seems more of a realistic approach that Parker would take
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    Papers, Please

    I dont know if anybody else has played this game. youre basically working border control in Arstotzka. You can but it here or download a free beta version from the developers website. Its crazy addictive. There is all sorts of possible paper props from newspapers to stamps...
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    It's ok, I'm a limo driver!

    Its only 20 years after the event but ive tried knocking up Lloyds limo driver ID from the following screen shots. and came up with this I only have a dvd copy of the film so its not easy getting the detail. Im pretty sure the heading is just Limousine. Im pretty sure its his name...
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    Spiderman Shoes/soles

    couldnt you just put the shoe on then put the costume on without having to attach the shoes?