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    Batman Begins Scarecrow

    I also have these images from both the movie and conventions (Comic-Con)
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    Batman Begins Scarecrow

    Sounds awesome and I found 'movie-screen caps' very helpful (link below to the Batman begins site below) (and there are quite a lot of pages so, yep?) - Hope This helps:)
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    arkham knight research thread

    I found this, the camouflage design directly from the in-game model. I know that you have the pants/trousers already but hope this helps anyway:). (Click on image to see better)
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    My TALON Cosplay from Court of Owls

    Looks amazing, very cool!
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    Arkham series - Scarface W.I.P

    Hello all, Scarface the dummy isn't the most famous villains in the batman universe but he is pretty cool and I haven't seen many or any people decide to build him, so I figured I will. With the help of a friend I have both models from Batman arkham asylum/city and knight and I want your help...
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    Batman : Arkham Knight fear gas filter

    I have seen some filters that you can get to 3d print, or you could you get different sized PVC pipes or just plastic pipes and assemble them in the right way and then weather them. Hope this helps:).
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    Red Hood Jacket Custom

    Sounds great!, I have the in-game character model of red hood and I sadly can't give you this because my friend told me not to:(, but I can take as many renders as I want some are here, you can ask me if you want a specific area, you could use these as reference, and for some reason the clothes...
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    WIP Red Hood Arkham Knight costume

    Hello everyone, Loving the work so far - Sooo cool! I have the model from arkham knight of red hood and I sadly can give you this model because my friend ripped this and he said that I can give this to anyone, but I can take as many renders as I want and I provided you guys with some HQ...
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    Hybrid Batsuit- W.I.P pics & Final Reveal photoshoot

    Looks great and how much did the 3d print cost at shapeways?
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    Mask of the Phantasm Redesign

    Love the cape/cloak and mask:).
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    Mask of the Phantasm Redesign

    Great work! and I found this Photoshop of the mask of the phantasm in the dark knight trilogy and that mask is just a air-soft mask that could work. Or there is more of a 'accurate' version from one of the batman beyond comic covers which I'm assuming that you are going for something like...
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    Red Hood - Arkham Knight 3D model

    I know I'm know Bandiet, but The guy (who's name escapes me) on the Facebook 'Pepakura library' group who he Bandiet was talking about has the pepakura file for the helmet which I have then I exported into a .obj to then put into either blender or 3ds max or any 3d program or even new versions...
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    Green Goblin Movie Suit

    Hi, are you able to post a nice side view of the helmet, loving your work!.
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    Red Hood - Arkham Knight 3D model

    Turns out it is about 25cm tall, in the outside.