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    Starkiller Costume- Force Unleashed 2

    thank you BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! that was my first Troop- and it was a blast- i think i will be finished with it this weekend.
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    Starkiller Costume- Force Unleashed 2

    I'll be posting some new pics next weekend!
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    Starkiller Costume- Force Unleashed 2

    Hey everyone, I'm almost done with my Starkiller costume- its about 98% done: good enough to wear for a "Troop" but I'm not ready to submit pictures to join the Rebel Legion as of yet. Anyway, what do ya'll think!!!!!
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  5. Starkiller


    My Starkiller costume!!!
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    The Force Unleashed 2 - Starkiller lightsaber replica

    Ummmm tell me these are for sale! I'm literally about to finish my Force Unleashed 2 costume and I am going to need these. I'm actually astonished at the craftsmanship and close detail that is exhibited!!!!!
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    Custom Armor?

    Sith or Jedi armor from the Knights of the Old Republic would be super amazing. I haven't really seen anyone do an amazing job on either of those 2 costumes. What do you think about that?
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    For all you "Star Wars" fans who like the Twi'Lek

    Also, she sells some of her Lekku headpieces for 40% off when they have slight imperfections. Go to Pam's Creations on the web. She has a link to her "sale"page on there, I almost purchased one that had a bubbling issue, but someone beat me to it.
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    For all you "Star Wars" fans who like the Twi'Lek

    Pam is pretty much the leader in make Lekku headpieces. My buddies wife has one and it is amazing. It's made out of latex and is very durable and can be painted as well. My wive is getting one for Christmas!!!
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    TFU inspired jedi costume

    Great attention to detail. I'm finishing up my FU2 Arena Combat Costume in less than two days!!!! Have you ever posted finished pics of your costume, I didn't see them.
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    Starkiller WIP

    Your work actually looks professional-rare. Great job!
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    Starkiller Jungle Gear

    This is one of three of the most LEGIT Starkiller costumes that I have seen to date, attention to detail and the materials used really set this this costume apart from most others- well done Evil Benius! I'm 2 days away from finishing my Starkiller from the Force Unleashed 2 Arena Combat Gear-...
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    Starkiller WIP (Need some help)

    Prince Neo: did u ever finish this costume? I'd love to see it finished! My Starkiller costume is almost done- so excited
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    Starkiller Costumes Thread

    In your opinions, which Starkiller costume do you think is the coolest?
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    Starkiller Costumes Thread

    Wow this thread is just what I needed!!! I'm a massive Starkiller fan and I am 3 days from finishing my Force Unleashed 2 Arena Combat Costume!!!!! I can't wait to post my pics on here and shaw everyone what I've been working on for like 4 months!!!!!!! Hope you all love it!!!!!