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    Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocket Pack Build

    I think your flap attachment is a FINE solution. I struggled to get those correct/aligned as well. A real PITA. No one will ever notice.
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    Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocket Pack Build

    Do you know what an idiot I am? I'm looking through your pics here thinking "Gosh, I really love the look of this kit. I like the lines, I wonder which kit this is." Then I realized the cones, rockets and center piece were casting I sent you :/ .... I like it becasue it reminds me of MY pack :)...
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    Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocket Pack Build

    Oh man. I love the green on the inside. Never seen anyone do that but it’s awesome. And yeah, I sacrificed a fan for a speaker too.
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    Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane

    Can you share your process for the Resin Eggs?
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    Looney Tunes Style Ray Gun

    This is amazing. Incredible. All of it.
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    Westworld Host Control Unit

    Thanks! Sorry, guess I forgot to share. They are on my Thingiverse page here: Westworld Control Unit Upgrades by ValorReplicas
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    Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocket Pack Build

    Welcome back! That looks amazing.
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    Angels and Demons Antimatter Canister

    This is amazing. I can't believe I haven't seen other replicas. The 3D prints looks really great! Are you planning finishing them or leaving them raw prints? Also, I still think it would be cool to suspend your antimatter with some monofilament and hit it with LEDs. Can't wait to see this complete.
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    Lego Raygun

    When I was a kid one of the coolest rayguns was wielded by the Lego classic spacemen. I've had a Lego space helmet for a while so I decided I needed a full-size sidearm to match. This was designed in Fusion360, scaled perfectly from the tiny raygun I've had since I was 8. Pieces were 3D printed...
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    Da Vinci Code Cryptex – Getting things right

    Thanks, I'm a bit of a self-loathing 3D printer. I love the new abilities it brings me, but I want to make sure I'm not just printing off badly made replicas. Its really about understanding what the machine does best, and what needs to be hand-made. With this, it was also sharpening my 3D...
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    Da Vinci Code Cryptex – Getting things right

    Alright, Think I'm done here ... After modeling the entire thing in 3D I began printing each piece on my 3D printer. I found an amazing metallic filament for the printer so what you're seeing here is essentially what came off my printer with no paint. The 27 piece kit was them assembled and the...
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    Da Vinci Code Cryptex – Getting things right

    And here's where I'm at currently. I have the entire thing built as a model in Fusion 360.
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    Da Vinci Code Cryptex – Getting things right

    I've been working on a 3D digital model of the "cryptex" from the movie "The Da Vinci Code". My goal was to try to get as close as I can to the screen-used dimensions and functionality. There's a beautiful replica made by Nobel. But when you compare it to the screen used prop, there's a number...
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    Scratch-build of Rocketeer Cirrus X-3 Rocketpack

    A couple thought. One, get every image possible if rocketlacks from every angle. I’m telling you there’s some great reference images out there. And as you said, you do need to extrapolate a few things. Two, even if you don’t pla in 3D printing your pack a tonifpeople are today. And being...
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    Batman Beyond Utility Belt

    This is my custom design inspired by the excellent animated show Batman Beyond. My customer is a well-known Batman cosplayer and he wanted something to stand out. In the show the character features a belt that is little more than a circle and some rectangles. For my full-size belt I wanted to...