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  1. Vaapad_VII


    I just got one today and its fantastic. Definitely worth it, very well done.
  2. Vaapad_VII

    Shards of Narsil Project

    Looks awesome. I plan on doing something similar over the summer, and am thankful for the reference thread.
  3. Vaapad_VII

    Lucasfilm seized my Master Replica props

    Hopefully Amy will hook you up with free replacements - she's often busy, but she ususally comes through
  4. Vaapad_VII

    Da Vinci Code Props--UPDATES!!! NEW PROP!!!

    I agree - I'd buy a cryptex.
  5. Vaapad_VII

    Post pics of your Vader ROTJ sabers

    Here's mine - formerly from the collection of Jedi Lip With Luke ROTJ in the top EDIT: Ignore the mara plaque :P
  6. Vaapad_VII

    Shards OF Narsil

    I've thought about doing this as well. Someone in this thread had success with a dremmel:
  7. Vaapad_VII

    Show off Stormtrooper saber

    Brilliant as usual Ozzy
  8. Vaapad_VII

    Obscure LOTR/Tolkien props

    Hey Al - I posted in TPZ - hit me back bro.
  9. Vaapad_VII

    Obscure LOTR/Tolkien props

    No Al, I didn't - but I'll check them out now..
  10. Vaapad_VII

    Obscure LOTR/Tolkien props

    Hey all - anyone have any obscure Tolkien props? I'm not talking about things mass produced and licensed by NC or anyone else, but rare book-based props really. Anything? Lets see what's out there. ~Dave
  11. Vaapad_VII

    what do i need for accurate vader anh replica?

    I assume you mean a replica LIGHTSABER, as opposed to a helmet or a 1:1 mannequin...
  12. Vaapad_VII

    MPP question for MPP experts

    Pictures of both sides of the clamp would be terrific as well
  13. Vaapad_VII

    My very first 1:1 Lifesize Headsculpt ... old Ben

    Wow - I swear I'm looking at Sir Alec's head spraypainted grey. Hats off again JRX - your work is phenomenal
  14. Vaapad_VII

    Question for Vader helmet experts

    Rubies for sure - save your money for something better
  15. Vaapad_VII

    Who's the Poor Tortured Soul running SaberKnights?

    Wow - people never cease to amaze me. I've got nothing but positive things to say about Bill. The end.

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