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    Looking for info on GB stuff

    basicly what he siad, is a good start
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    Batgirl Begins....Torso now complete. 8/26

    that is a sweet design, this is defently one outfit i cant wait to see finshed.
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    Star wars chess monster Nº 5 FINISHED (new pics added 29-09).

    excellent work, i never been able to do small detailed parts such as the work u show, so i truly appricate the work uve done.
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    glue question

    just wanted to say thanks for the advice yall, wne i was at walmart today i try to find that plastic weld stuff but dident see it but i saw automotive amazing goop so i picked that up it worked perfectly.
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    glue question

    the matiral is a leather like work glove.
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    glue question

    is there a good glue out there that will make fabric bond to metal? something they may sell at walmart or lowes (small town)
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    one of my new projects

    well i was just gonna sell to a few firends at first to get some money up for my chairty, but since i started showing pcis around i got a lot more people intrusted. im not to sure of the rules on thsi board some you ahve to be a memeber for a cerant time or make so many post to offer peices on...
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    one of my new projects

    my bro in law is gonna work on 2 sets of eletroics for me, (im not too good when it comes to eletorinics) one set will work like the movies the other will be hooked up to a emf meter
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    one of my new projects

    heres one of my finshed shell castings for a personal display im working on, i am pretty happy with the way it came out, although i still gotta add the wings and eletroincs.
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    can you use silicone caulk as a mold?

    as boba fett siad 100% Silicone rubber, but what i do is just empty what im gonna use of the tube into a plastic bowl then add a few drops of glycerin (first time i heard about doing this plunty years ago i had a hard time finding a nice liquid clycerin at a place like walmart till one of my...
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    one of my new projects

    modfyied another iona shell awhile back to make a tutorial, and to replace the one i gave to a buddy and came up with this master my newest project of late has been to molding it (chairty funds were getting low so i decdied to mold it up, being a few of my firends wanted a copy) so far i got...
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    need some advice (kinda a boot question)

    ok i have a pair of the cheap verison jedi boots, and the back heal has statted to relase from the rubber base, does anyone know a glue that would reattach it so i dont have to buy anotehr pair, im still saveing up for nicer custome made boots but aint there yet and really dont want to buy...
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    Saber Sketches!

    this was the sketch/model for my light saber design, i was gonna build 2 cuz i prefur dual lightsabers, but then i got to learing the art of fighting witha bo staff, and decided a double bladed light saber would be cool, but i still like 2 sabers so i decided to just have my 2 light sabers...
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    What are you working on right now?

    me my self i got a few projects going on, but the one im working on at this second is

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