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    Bengrim's Darth Vader reveal project

    closest thing I could find on the net similar to the original dental expander, with a bit of modding or filing could look like the glen ross expanders
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    Bengrim's Darth Vader reveal project

    Bengrim - when you say zippers do you mean this part? designed these in CAD a while ago and got them laser cut in 2mm aluminum has anyone used the 3d printed expanders from Shapeways? As I'm also looking for a decent, clean set for my VR helmet
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    Bengrim's Darth Vader reveal project

    loving the progress photos cant weight to see the build
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    Star Wars Chronicles

    Really love that this book matches the SW Chronicles JPN version I have, really would love to get one
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    Bengrim's Darth Vader reveal project

    outstanding work Bengrim, need to get my reveal kit out and dusted off
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    New Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy Book by the creator of the RPF!

    got mine this week and took some footage flicking through the book, great value at £23 <a href=";set=vb.13787427223541 24&amp;type=2&amp;theater"...
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    Darth Vader ROTJ Reveal mask My build

    Hi Mark - if the price is right I know I'm up for a set of better dynodes for my reveal helmet also if you need help with parts in CAD let me know as I've got tons of experience with CAD Kroenen77 - great progress BTW :)
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    any members from the RPF going to Elstree Empire Day?

    just seeing if any members here are going too Elstree Empire Day Elstree Empire Day - Sat 5th May 2012? The Kurtz Joiner Archive: Preserving Film History
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    Screen Used Obi-won saber

    meet up with a friend and local prop collector last night for his birthday and following my discussion with him at his birthday meal, he told me of his recent props that he's bought and that he is selling his screen used obi-won fighting light saber from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, 1999 I...
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    Rubies Biker Scout Helmet (yeah, I know...)

    getting back on topic here's a good thread on Just how bad IS the Rubies? -
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    Rubies Biker Scout Helmet (yeah, I know...)

    also the DP Delux Scout Helmets are very rare as DP produced a limited quantity due to these not selling as well as the other products they had to offer. In my collection I've got a original DP catalogue showing both the standard Delux Range which I'll try and dig out and post on here Ages...
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    Rubies Biker Scout Helmet (yeah, I know...)

    the LW TB helmet kits are so far the best fan made replica helmets, the size and proportions are nearly 98% accurate to the screen used helmet from ROTJ Hoping to get one in the new year, also just scored an Altmans helmet which are pretty rare to get hold of these days but are still good if...
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    Rubies Biker Scout Helmet (yeah, I know...)

    with enough spit and polish you can turn a rubbies turd of a helmet into this Frank K. Krug - Illustrations and Model Works probably one of the best helmet mods I've seen over the years you may want too check out The 501st Pathfinders Detachment
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    UK Prop Party - confirmed 19th 20th November

    from what I've seen from the photo's it looks like the event was a great success:thumbsup, congrats to Simon and the rest of the guys for the hard work and efforts. I think, this is what the Mem event needs, show casing fans props and home grown UK prop makers.thumbsup Memorabilia at the...
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    My Darth Vader reveal helmet and bust - project. New headsculpt on post 59

    guys I've had my reveal over 4yrs now and been slowly collecting parts I found or bought off others on here. I willing to offer my CAD services and could help out on making any of the 2d templates required in CAD and get these parts laser cut the reveal helmet. As some of the original...