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    Innercuff -Wrist Part for Iron Man Forearms - 3d print files - FREE!

    Swinging back on this, the elbow shutter never really worked out. Even in the flexible filament you couldn't flex your arm. I can hunt down the files if i still have them however they were a very quick CAD drawing and not screen accurate or anything like that. I think the best bet if I can...
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    JARVIS ver 3.0

    Big fan of your hinge setup and the forearm ribs. Is that based off the rib file you worked with before? I printed that one in ninjaflex in red, but it was a translucent red. I couldnt get it to print cleanly, and support material in ninjafex is murder to clean up!
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    Do3D Mark III War Machine Build

    What did you use for the decals? Are they individual or did you mask and paint? Looking amazing. I have a set of files as well and will be starting my build eventually. How do you find the comfort of the fit between war machine and the mk 45?
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    Iron Man Mark III Foam Finish -NEED HELP-

    Check out the Punished Props foam finishing tutorials on Youtube, also Evil Ted's foam finishing tutorials on Youtube. They are amazing and will help a ton, and keep it simple! My best advice is to take some scrap parts and play around with finishing/sealing before you do it to your actual...
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    Iron man motorised faceplate electronics tutorial!!!

    I believe i have a pro-mini (no onboard usb). Im just using a basic servo up/down and eye on/off, nothing crazy. I have yet to move my rough setup using the nano to the mini, mainly because i'm getting servo buzzing and awkward jitters (i know my voltage setup is still wonky). I'll have to...
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    Iron man motorised faceplate electronics tutorial!!!

    I liked the concept of having the built-in USB plug, I have a pro-mini with the USB piece that i hook the pins when I upload code and disconnect when it's finished. I like the idea of that and the built in regulator. The more inclusive the board the better in my eyes. Also why I dropped it in...
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    Iron man motorised faceplate electronics tutorial!!!

    Figured I'd drop this in here, seemed like the best place for it! I'll be playing around with replacing my nano with a digispark ( It has a built in voltage regulator and is small and relatively inexpensive even with little extensions. Anyone have any...
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    Game of Thrones on-set prop shop Interesting behind the scenes video of some costume work and more importantly the armory! Armory starts at the 11:00 minute mark Prop shop at 13:30 minute mark Kind of a cross-topic post, but some cools stuff all around for GoT fans
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    Servo control help

    Mk 42/43 suit? Is there any way to take the hip pod insert and turn that into the knob? That way he can turn the hip pod with his gloved hand to work the helmet. Downside is long wiring and routing it all through, but it might be a quick fix in the mean time
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    New Toho Godzilla film

    I concur with Darth. Their take on the Japanese government and their handling of disasters was down right comical, as was their take on the US.
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    New Toho Godzilla film

    Just got my tickets for a show tomorrow night. I grew up watching the classics with my 2 Canadian cousins. It was our regular thing whenever we'd meet up! SO pumped for this!
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    Baymax 1.0

    Dude this is awesome! Can't wait to see it come together.
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    Wolverine Muscle Arms

    Flesh toned stocking and shave down some foam make decent muscle suit arms. A little bit of airbrushing to contour the muscle it should be a relatively inexpensive build. Unfortunately I can't find any reference photos of that example, but it might be a good direction to go in.
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    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    I couldnt find a head option either. Initially I had the opposite problem, the default scale of my suit made me look like a bobblehead, so I ended up reprinting the whole thing at 90%. I use meshmixer for everything, I wish the 'measure' took was more intuitive.
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    3D Printing Iron Man MK46 Suit

    Using Makehuman and getting the everything fit up is huge. I'm starting a war machine build and am utilizing it for the first time. I did a mk43 suit printed and was constantly reprinting parts with messed up scaling.

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