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  1. Tyderium

    X-Files, Season 11, Thoughts?

    She has the same almost hoarse whisper in BBC drama The Fall which I thought she was putting on for the character but she sounds exactly the same in the X-Files now. It seems her voice has changed dramatically from when she was younger.
  2. Tyderium

    Netflix Recommendations Thread

    GODLESS Netflix has set the bar high for this one. Great story. Beautifully shot and acted. If you like westerns or any drama, have a look at this.
  3. Tyderium

    Scenes that STILL give you goosebumps

    Yep, beat me to it. Many moments in Field Of Dreams... + the final sequences in: Dances With Wolves Lost In Translation Saving Private Ryan Blade Runner 1 & 2
  4. Tyderium

    Blade Runner 2049 (Post-release)

    As a big fan of the original I completely agree with all this. I've seen it twice and planning to go a third time. I love the fact that many of the questions don't have definitive answers. If Ridley had made this he would have removed any ambiguity surrounding Deckard. Villeneuve embraces the...
  5. Tyderium

    Mad Max: The Wasteland

    For all the hate Beyond Thunderdome gets, it was the perfect wrap up of that series for me. I know I'm in the minority and maybe part of it is the nostalgia of having seen it as a kid, but I liked it then and I like it now. Saving the kids was Max's redemption and having been stripped of...
  6. Tyderium

    Blade Runner 2049

    Completely agree about the teaser posters. These are by the numbers Photoshop - lacklustre, uninteresting and look like every other thing pumped out by marketing departments these days. The poster for this could have been fantastic, I was really expecting to see some Struzan inspired piece of...
  7. Tyderium

    The Martian (Post-release)

    Yeah, well said, I agree. The pumping disco soundtrack certainly didn't help with the sense of peril or isolation either.
  8. Tyderium

    Denis Villeneuve's Arrival (Post-release)

    Re: Denis Villeneuve's Arrival This looks good. Definitely a fan of Villeneuve's work. Prisoners had great atmosphere. Hopefully this will be the same.... and his upcoming Bladerunner.
  9. Tyderium

    GHOSTBUSTERS Pre-Release - film discussion only, no social commentary please!

    I'm a fan of Wiig and harboured a mild interest in how this thing would turn out. Just feels so benign... The overly saturated neon ghosts are jarring along with the lack of sparkle, depth and subtlety of humour present in the original. If the trailer is showing the supposed comedic high points...
  10. Tyderium

    What movies/shows did you love as a kid but as an adult are now quite...bad?

    How about these lost gems from the mid 80's? Street Hawk, Automan, Misfits of Science. Used to love them as a kid, haven't had the misfortune of reliving them since I don't think they ever showed them again :)
  11. Tyderium

    Your Indiana Jones Displays - Lets see 'em

    Thanks mate, It is a silicone cast with punched hair of Chewie15's V2 Indy.
  12. Tyderium

    Darth Vader ROTJ Build - Studio 49

    Really excellent tutorial mate. I've got exactly the same set up needing to be built - Parks hilt with MPP badge, metal shroud and hard tracks. Your steps will be great reference.
  13. Tyderium

    Your Indiana Jones Displays - Lets see 'em

    Bit of a period feel shot I knocked up of my 1:1 display, which is currently in pieces waiting to be embarked upon again at some point. Silicone bust with.. Hat: Adventurebilt Deluxe Shirt: MBA Jacket: TN1 Have most of the other gear from over the years including Adventurebilt's...
  14. Tyderium

    Vader display progress

    Nice progress, what is the current helmet?
  15. Tyderium

    BASEBALL flicks! Let me know your favourite Baseball movies

    Moneyball Trouble With The Curve

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