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    Resistance Crait Macrobinoculars / Neuro-Saav ND.621 Rangefinder (TLJ VD)

    Great find! Yep the Sportster seems to be what was used as the wedge/ramp/trapezoid piece under the film speed switch is relocated to the other side for the prop. The Director Series doesn't have this piece. There are a couple of other small differences, but all in all they're pretty much...
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    Original V2 switch

    No, I'm talking about Halliwax's Obi-Wan Legend build. He identified the correct wires, connectors, a perfect switch, everything. Starkiller has a ton of reference in his threads where his finished model for the V2 was done in overlay on many screen shots.
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    Original V2 switch

    What’s wrong with the one Halliwax found? Looks dead on to me. It’s weird seeing these old threads pop up. I get all excited thinking there’s new information lol. To answer your question that has already been done. Take a look at the v2 thread and any of starkillers threads where the photo...
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    Thermal Detonator Build (KR/OR)

    Very cool. Great job! Where did you get the plaque?
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    Limited Run Floating Marksman-H Jedi Training Remote

    Hey guys. Thank you all for the amazing responses. I really appreciate each and every one of you and am so excited to continue building these for you. It has really been a very enjoyable experience for me. If you haven't already, and if you wouldn't mind, please take a minute to help others out...
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    V2 thread & forum? where are they?

    No v2 forum. People sometimes interchange the words forum and thread. The above post is the main v2 thread. It goes back many years and information has changed so you’ll have to get through a lot of now-known to be incorrect theories. But lots of great information and discoveries.
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    Limited Run Floating Marksman-H Jedi Training Remote

    Hey man. Yeah base options will be discussed when I begin working on yours. Got you added to the list.
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    Doctor Sleep (Stephen King Sequel to 'The Shining')

    I read the book when it first released. It was enjoyable but I don't remember it having that much of an impact on me. Maybe it's time for another read through before the movie comes out. It looks like they're staying pretty faithful to the novel though. Some of the shots are almost identical to...
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    Limited Run Floating Marksman-H Jedi Training Remote

    Thanks bill, that means a lot. Kevlegs, message sent.
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    Limited Run Floating Marksman-H Jedi Training Remote

    Adam Gelbard You're up next! I've sent you a private message. Guys, I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate every single one of you. I thoroughly enjoy communicating, brainstorming, and working with each and every one of you. It makes this little project so much fun to get...
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    The Smugglers Room - My Re-Imagined & Definitive Rebuild . . .

    You could also set each one with a random value range so that it changes and is never repeated. Pick your longest time that you'd want a single LED on and OFF and set a random second range. You could do it once for all of them or individually in case you want one LED to blink quickly and one to...
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    Limited Run Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    did you put it on the entire thing? or just in the little peg that seats in?
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    Limited Run Accurate RotJ Force Pike - Weapon of the Emperor's Royal Guard

    OH. MY. GOD! Tom I just received my Pike and I am completely speechless! I knew going into this that you wanted everything to be perfect and that you spent way more time than you probably wanted to making adjustments, dealing with machining issues, QC issues, etc. but man you friggin NAILED it...