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    Problem: One-way mirror mask (Vidocq)

    Thats what I'm wondering, I've seen the chroming process in a bunch of Daft Punk threads, which is also cool, but I don't know how that would work out if you... say.. made a clear Thomas Helm or something, and then did a similar process to get that super even and clean surface. The closest I've...
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    Problem: One-way mirror mask (Vidocq)

    Hey everyone! I have a concept for an original costume that I want to make, which would involve a mask with potential complex curved geometry on the face (so not just flat planes, visible darts would probably ruin the effect) where the mask is essentially mirrored. I would love it if I could...
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    Wed Clay sculpt - How to mold?

    Krylon crystal clear + Krylon dulling is a good way to go for Ultracal on WED. The clear coat will protect your sculpt detail from however you decide to apply the Ultracal, by giving it a bit of a more rigid 'skin'. The dulling spray helps prevent the 'beading' (which is when the ultracal...
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    Preventing and fixing pits in an ultracal mould

    How did you measure and mix your ultracal? Did you sift it into the water, or measure it out and dump it in? Did you mix it by hand, or with a mixer of some kind (drill with a mixing but for example). Did you do it in a clean bucket? Just trying to think of potential failure points here. :/ I...
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    Yoda ESB 1:1- Sculpture project

    Re: Yoda ESB 1:1- First Roughed in Pic Damn, yoda has some bedroom eyes right there. Great sculpt so far! :D
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    Is alginate or silicone better for head casting?

    The best way is to buy an alginate that has a slow set time at normal temperatures. In my experience (in America) alginates are usually labelled with their set time at specific water temperatures, so a 880 would set in 8 minutes with 80 degrees F water, while a 270 would set in 2 minutes at 70...
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    Who want's Rayguns?

    Amazing! I agree, would love to see a build log, also do you have a main site, or something on Facebook we can follow for updates? :)
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    Casting clay sculptures

    Would be good to know more info. Is it a facial prosthetic, body, arm? What are you eventually going to be casting it in, latex, silicone, etc?
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    Anyone familiar with ultra cal? help me save my sculpture!

    How do you normally measure out your cement? Do you weigh it, or sift it?
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    Old ILM-ers attending at Hobby Expo Petaluma, CA

    Oh dayum, I think I feel a road trip coming on. Thanks for the tip! :)
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    jack sparrow bust

    I love when people say 'Early days' and it already looks phenomenal. :p Looking forward to updates! :)
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    Al Pacino sculpt

    Looking good so far, what age are you aiming for? :)
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    3D Printed Tie Advanced X1 Prototype

    Where did you get this 3D printed, Fierfek? That looks like a beautiful print. :D
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    Ray Harryhausen's Medusa model

    Love it! Turned out great. :)