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    Mulan (Pre-release)

    I've very little interest in seeing a good deal of the 'live action' remakes, but this one interests me quite a bit.
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    Spirited Away boiler token

    Love that movie. Beautiful! :)
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    In honor of HBO's From the Earth to the Moon re-release in Blu-ray

    I especially like the guillotine lurking in the background. :D
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    Netflix ULTRAMAN Full Suit

    Damn! :) Always loved the're gonna kill it with this! :)
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    Mysterio from Far From Home

    Always loved Mysterio! :) Can't wait to see this! :)
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    Kits you hate buying over and over

    Nothing from me lately, but I've bought and re-bought that damn USS ENTERPRISE kit a total of 17 TIMES when I was younger! True, kits were much cheaper then, but the frustration of having to constantly buy it, because of those damn nacelles, of course.
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    Passing of Faustus 100

    Never had interaction with him, but loved his work. RIP, with much respect.
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    Bittersweet memory lane. The TMNT figures I used to own

    My collection wasn't TMNT, but rather Major Matt Mason, with a couple of large G.I. Joes thrown into the mix.
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    First Batman Cowl Sculpt

    Sweet! Love it. :)
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    Star Wars Galaxys Edge Props

    So, you basically get to drink from a Porg's skull? Sign me UP! :D
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    Where's all the BSG Costuming discussion going on these days?

    I had an original series style jacket *years* ago, that I got from STARLOG magazine back in the was a little large on me, and I foolishly sold it to someone because I was laid off and needed cash. Turns out, he 'tried to alter it' (no idea what he meant, and glad I don't know!!), and...
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    My latest projects.

    Very cool! :)
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    Arnold Attacked In South Africa

    What the Righteous Hell...??
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    Captain Marvel

    My mother-in-law saw them, and recommended them as well. Maybe I'll take a look. :)