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    Interest Captain James Hook - The Hook! - Cast from Original

    I would like to get a metal one please. I’ll pay immediately
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    Want to Buy Metal Lamson Knife Replica w shipping to New Zealand

    Hi all, I would like to buy a metal lamson knife replica that is accurate to the one used in the original Halloween film. I would need shipping to New Zealand and I can pay with a verified paypal. I have tried ebay and artists on facebook but they either won't ship overseas or have large wait...
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    Want to Buy Deluxe Leatherface Tommy 3.0 Mask

    I would like to purchase one of the deluxe leatherface Tommy 3.0 Masks by A.M Creations with express shipping to New Zealand if anyone has one available. I know you can still order them for $375 from two websites but I would like it asap. Any offer will be considered, please PM me. I can pay...
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    Done / Completed Tablets from the "Ten Commandaments" - "Open List"

    Re: A new Prop - Tables from the "Ten Commandaments" Very keen, I have been looking for replicas of these for a while
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    JAWS 'BRUCE' sharkcityozark MAQUETTE

    thanks for posting this up, I had no idea they were making them
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    Model Hogwarts

    This is very cool
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    Rapunzel (and Flynn)...the everlasting WIP. ( re-making bodice! )

    Re: Rapunzel ( and Flynn ) WIP for Halloween! OMG I want the flynn costume
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    Original Vader costumes.

    oh damn I hate being so new because theres never any pictures in the old topic forums :(
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    Wicked Witch of the West Crystal Ball FOUND!!!

    this is very cool, I just came across this now, yeah I know delayed, but Im new ;)
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    So how many holy grails were made?

    there seems to be endless 'authentic' ones, everyone I know seems to own one that is 'authentic', as well as the drapery dress from GWTW, the maltese falcon and there seems to be about 10 authentic ten commandment tablets around...actually I just think everyone keeps lying to me :P
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    Howlrunner's Prop Room (2010) - Pic Heavy

    actually I love all of it, its making me think I need to hurry up and add more to my collection, very inspiring :)
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    Howlrunner's Prop Room (2010) - Pic Heavy

    what an awesome collection, I love the beetlejuice house
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    Props lost or destroyed

    Some of the Wizard of oz costumes and props were destroyed in a fire (including 1 of Dorothy's gingham dresses ) at the land of oz theme park.
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    NIKE, you can go to hell. I'm making my own NIKE MAG's *NEW LED's* 12-21 pg.21

    Re: NIKE, you can go to hell. I'm making my own NIKE MAG's (9-24-11 BIG UPDATE PAGE I want to buy some of the ebay collector ones but no size 13's :(
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    My Nike Mags

    omg these are so cool