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    Original 1977 ANH Stormtrooper Armor and Helmet

    Oh, PM's have been from days ago...just trying to finalize some details and send some money...
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    Original 1977 ANH Stormtrooper Armor and Helmet

    Anyone heard from Si recently? I know they're busy but have sent some messages with no replies...
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    ROTJ Stormtrooper Armour

    Joe and Mark...absolutely OUTSTANDING chaps, looks totally SUPERB and very accurate...LOVE IT. Well done, gentlemen, I salute you. If you'll accept a slightly animal hair covered kit-kat in trade, I'll take a set off your is a VERY accurate kit-kat mind...came from the original...
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    eFX X-Wing pilot helmet

    Absolutely beautiful work Steve, very well done!
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    Any Costumers in Arkansas USA?

    I'm in Sherwood, Little Rock...have AP Stormtrooper armour/armor, but don't go costuming that much. There is of course the Arkansas Crimson Nova 501st and a group called Arkansith who costume a lot.
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    Original ESB Walker Pilot Helmet

    Wow...simply awesome. Many thanks for sharing Jez :thumbsup Cheers, Gord.
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    The new TK bucket

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    ATTENTION armor makers!

    That's 'cause it is the Queen's English...
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    HDPE Helmet Build Up - ESB!! New Pics 10/11

    Good point Braks, that's phucking awesome news! :p Carry on...
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    Let's see your ANH / ESB Stormtrooper costumes!

    Some excellent looking troopers, nice work :thumbsup Here's a pic of my ESB armour: What I've done so far: Changed out the belt to a canvas one, attached to the ab armour with poppers. Attached the canister using metal clips. Rubber gloves with ESB handguards. All "butted" parts...
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    Showoff Thread: Stormtrooper ANH Gloves with Rubber Handguards

    Excellent job John, they look the bollocks mate :thumbsup Cheers, Gord.
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    Woo Hoo, I'm Finally here!!

    :lol The memory gets refreshed usually about two/three times a year when I go back to visit the family/friends. There's usually always something that's changed, whether in Hamilton or Glasgow etc etc...everything's going "one way" or "pedestrianised" and not forgetting "sand blasted"...
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    Woo Hoo, I'm Finally here!!

    "Oh, a womantic" :lol
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    Woo Hoo, I'm Finally here!!

    A warm welcome to some fellow Scots :cheers I'm originally from Hamilton, (no I'm not an Accies fan, nor a 'Gers fan...don't like footie at all!) but I now live in the States. Good Scottish name also! Cheers, Gord.