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    My Screamin/Kaiyodo Boba Fett

    Well.. alot has happned this last weekend.. Things went so fast that i forgot to take progress pictures of everything. finished up the jetpack: And what did i learn? well decals are hard to weather.. but as always i'm using citadel colours and pretty much eyeballing all the colour.. (i'm...
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    My trip to Lucasfilm, as C-3PO

    Aaaah Man.. that is sick... :eek :eek :eek It's scary how jealous i am of you.. thanks for sharing..
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    Wheres Boba maker?

    i agree.. bobamaker has great stuff and has got some awesome customer service. I bought a pair of his knees and when i painted them i noticed a crack in one of them. I told him about this and provided pictures. He imediately offered me a new pair for free. I declined the offer since it was no...
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    Question for Acrylic Experts

    I haven't examined any of the bases that you are refering to but i can't imagine anyway that you can remove the acrylic stand from the mirror bottom in some negative way. If they are glued to the mirror you might want to try using a heat-gun/paint stripper to soften up the glue (as well as the...
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    BCI TIE Fighter

    Nice TIE man.. any chance for some interior ligths going in as well?
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    My Screamin/Kaiyodo Boba Fett

    Well i worked on the model during last weekend and i worked a bit more on the weathering on the legs. as well as some other stuff. Chest: The black color is sot from when i heated the plastic to create the two dents that are missing in the model. Still need touch up the green around it, some...
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    My 501st Application is approved

    Welcome aboard... i tip my TK helmet at you sir...
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    Revell Dune Ornithopter

    looks really nice.. <div class='quotetop'>(dualedge @ Jul 20 2006, 03:29 PM) 1284402</div> yeah.. i second that.. a nice little dune (no pun inteded) for it to sit on..
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    Sideshow for full size C3PO and R2

    Why is it that C-3PO looks fat? The R2 unit looks fine (too me..) but i would rather buy my own kit instead of that "version" of 3PO..
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    Why don't more people use black resin?

    I figure it's because it's easier to see the detail (or bumps and bruises) with white or off-white resin. I mean.. it's pretty hard to spot a shadow on a black peice. Right? Or it could be the force of habbit. pretty much every one uses the ordinary white resin. on rare occasions the clear or...
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    Lighting the AMT/Ertl: AT-AT

    Dang.. bummer.. Look.. wiring upp 1 or 2 leds is not that hard. If you can boil pasta you can wire a LED. But here are a few pointers. (Free of charge) The voltage of the battery should NEVER exced that of the SUM of the volatge of ALL the LEDS. So i'f you've got a 9 V battery hooked up to...
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    Gluing ABS?

    If you do find ABS glue try it out first. Certain ABS glues have a tendency to heat up and can warp the plastic. The ABS glue for the FX Trooper kit does this if i'm not completley of the bend. And remmember.. always sand the surface you are going to glue for added grip and to remove any...
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    My Screamin/Kaiyodo Boba Fett

    I started this before i hoped onto the RPF and been working on it on and off. I bought it for 500 SEk which i think is a pretty reasonable deal for a real kit and not just a chinese re-cast. Like i said. I've been working on it ever now and then and like my MSH Boba fett helmet i painted i'm...
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    IG-88's headpiece?

    <div class='quotetop'>(oldken @ Jul 11 2006, 11:29 AM) 1278481</div> i would have to say no... I have no expert in the area but my gut feeling says no..
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    Non working Javelin prop

    That weapons system looks like it would be a whole lot of weight to pull around during, lets say a convention. Though it may look cool it may be a bit too combersume(spelling??) to deal with. Why not go for something more "light weight" and mobile? Like the Swedish AT4? Sorry for the shameless...