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  1. TitanPredator

    Predators Sequel

    ok as I was just exploring around Wikipedia, I came across Arnies page and saw this, looks promising... Return to acting Schwarzenegger at the Paris premiere of The Expendables 2 in August 2012. In January 2011, just weeks after leaving office in California, Schwarzenegger announced that...
  2. TitanPredator

    Predators In Texas

    Odessa, TX here, got my TitanPredator suit ready for a con gathering
  3. TitanPredator

    Comment by 'TitanPredator' in media 'slick_predator winner of $1000 costume contest'

    <p>Awesome bro, what Graham's did you go to?</p>
  4. TitanPredator

    Predator Costumer Attacked In Birmingham.

    just saw this on Facebook too, very infuriating, hope they catch that sumb**ch!!
  5. TitanPredator

    1St Time Pred Suit

    looks great man, we all gotta get our start somewhere, i too modified a Rubies Deluxe, check out my post if you need some pointers
  6. TitanPredator

    My Birthday/father's Day Gift From My Wife :0)

    yes the wife knows me well :0)
  7. TitanPredator

    My First Predator Costume Wip

    Yeah, thank goodness for Andrew creating this site for us Predator aficionados, I'm in BFE west Texas and my little sister has just moved to California to pursue her career in that and she's working on my mask as one of her school projects, it's a good thing too cause there ain't too much going...
  8. TitanPredator

    My First Predator Costume Wip

    yeah that mask is too big, I slit the back and closed it about 3" and it made a world of difference, I had my little sister who is in movie special effects & make up make me some bigger teeth for the mask as well and I cut out those silly looking eyes lol. My little sister is in California and...
  9. TitanPredator

    My First Predator Costume Wip

    looks pretty good man, I too did my first build on a budget and by modifying a Rubies Deluxe, they don't look too bad with a little work done to em, nice job on the armor as well, check out my WIP if that can help you with some ideas...
  10. TitanPredator

    P1 Mask Paint Up For He Man.

    Lee, why you are not in Hollywood making the big bucks in the movies is beyond me, fantastic work amigo.
  11. TitanPredator

    Too Excited Not To Share My First Predator Mask & Mod

    HO HO HO, took a month off from the years worth of work but I'm back, got some surprises in stock for the modification of the TitanPredator. It's gonna be even better than before, will keep you guys posted, Merry Christmas y'all.
  12. TitanPredator

    "predators" Game On Android Market

    it sure is, I've been sneaking off to the bathroom and getting in some play time at work lol
  13. TitanPredator

    "predators" Game On Android Market

    yeah, it was only $2.99 and I drained the battery on my phone 4 times today playing it lol. I don't have a PS3 but I'm hoping to get one soon, I only have the Wii (family wanted it) and now I'm the only one who uses it lol. It'd be so much easier on a game console
  14. TitanPredator

    1St Ever Costume

    welcome to The Lair fellow hunter and to quote a fellow hunter "foamies are a wonderful thing" :)

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