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    Build TFA F11d Blaster WIP

    How do you do the knurling on the grips? :-O
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    Require help with Rinzler Sound Files

    Greetings Programs! I'm in the throws of putting together a Tron Legacy 'Rinzler' costume. I'll be installing complete sound effects but I'm in need of some help in collecting the sound captures/files. I have no idea how to do it nor the software to edit or clean it up. Can anybody assist in...
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    Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!

    Payment sent ;) Thanks again for your efforts!!
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    Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!

    Already have my name down for one set, nut is it possible to up that to two sets please?
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    Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!

    Awesome! Can I please change my order from one to two Gem and Map sets please :)
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    Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!

    When and how do we pay? So keen to get my hands on these items! ;) May be looking to get two sets if possible.
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    Interest Romancing The Stone - "Emerald" & "Map"!!! NEW RUN!!!

    I'll take a stone amd map please!!!
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    Unlimited Run Tron: Legacy Rinzler helmet

    Definitely need to get me one of these awesome helmets. PM sent!! ;)
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    Rubies DL-44 MOD from Oz - Complete!

    Excuse the format of the post, I just cut and pasted all the posts I made from the 501st Redback Garrison Website. Hot on the heels of Buzzard :hehehe: I too have begun a Rubies DL-44 mod. A request job as a matter of fact for NQdude. I began by breaking down the blaster... Don't worry...
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    Aluminium force pike

    Oh Yeah baby! Got my Aluminium Force Pike yesterday and he looks fantastic (yes it's a 'he'). My mate gave it a polished finish and I was thinking of painting the necessary bits black...but now I'm not so sure. It's a lovely work of art and the photos do it a great injustice. I designed it to...
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    Scratch Built Leia Blaster ANH

    Hi all. I thought I'd show off my first scratch built blaster...Princess Leia's blaster from ANH. I made this for my rebel sister and next in line are 2x E-11 blasters and 1x DH-17blaster. First I found a really cheap toy that had a handle that closely resembled the high end replica on the...