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  1. Axe Head

    Axe Head

  2. Wreav Knife

    Wreav Knife

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  4. Concept Art for future props

    Concept Art for future props

    Drawings and ideas
  5. Wreav Flint lock

    Wreav Flint lock

  6. The Pharaoh

    The Pharaoh

  7. Pred Hand Cannon

    Pred Hand Cannon

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    Well: it’s been a minute, but I am back.

    Well: it’s been a minute, but I am back.
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    Predator 2 Mask build

    Finally have had some time for updates on this! Hopefukygoigto finish it up soon and cast it! This will be my first latex cast! Quills made through Wreav, if you are interested in picking those up, contact him!
  10. ThorKrohn

    Predator 2 Mask build

    Thanks! I am excited about starting over on the body suit...I learned a lot the last time and this one will be much better! I really wanted to incorporate more of a Horus theme as I am a falconer, but the scarab seems to fit as a backpack, and a housing for the computer and wrist blades. A...
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    Predator 2 Mask build

    As I mentioned, I have been giving this predator a lot of thought, I originally wanted to upgrade a suit I made that I am calling “the Collector”, adding this newly cast head to the suit. As I already have one whole build, and I am trying to replicate to the closest of my ability the Predator 2...
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    Jaw Bone Bio Mask

    This still needs the glove glued into place, but the and is a glove that was filled with napkins, coated with latex till I liked it, then painted! I need to add a clear coat of latex and a sealer and it will be ready to go! Also I would like to note that when I can afford and air
  13. ThorKrohn

    Jaw Bone Bio Mask

    It’s a net I found in an “Ocean themed” section at Hobby Lobby, a little spray paint, then I dropped it over the mannequin; this allowed me to cut out the head, then I zip ties the sides tight. Then cut off the arms and excess carefully. It is cut straight down the back the length of the Velcro...
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    Jaw Bone Bio Mask

    Thanks! In total supplies for the suit, minus the head I cast, the neck rings and dreds, only cost me $100. A lot of effort when into it, and it’s no pro suit by any means, but not bad for $100 bucks worth of materials!
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    Jaw Bone Bio Mask

    Armor is almost finished! A little more hot glue shaping and we’ll be ready to take “the Collector” on his first hunt! Hands and feet are the last things to get put together! I am ready to start on the next project, so I gotta finish this one up! The armor is a collection (hence the name) of...