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  1. thevitamink

    halo elite gold zealot

    haha yeah a small covenant kangaroo pouch!
  2. thevitamink

    halo elite gold zealot

    so i'm currently casting/laying up the fiberglass parts. won't be done by dragoncon this year. i've already made close to 10 molds and need several more.. not enough time..sad but true
  3. thevitamink

    halo elite gold zealot

    thanks! I'm not fond of wearing eva but using it to build shapes "quickly"( relatively speaking) is one of it's selling points. I'm trying to be forgiving of rough areas that i'll fill/sand later in the hard final.
  4. thevitamink

    halo elite gold zealot

    I'm working through my short list of costumes. No 3 on the list is the gold elite from halo. I'm using the version from 2 and the 3 multiplayer i worked up some drawings in illustrator from photos of the action figure and google searches. I printed these out with ruler marks to align them...
  5. thevitamink

    Kraang Mask TMNT

    i can promise that looks a hundred times better than what i could do in a 3d program. looks good . have you tried zbrush? it's amazing.
  6. thevitamink

    Kraang Mask TMNT

    A guy i met at Dragoncon commissioned me to make a Kraang mask. sculpted in plasticene and cast in latex . ultrcal mold. he was going to handle eyes and teeth. This is one huge melon!
  7. thevitamink

    Sith Ithorian Evil "Hammerhead" star wars costume

    I was hoping to participate in a Star Wars Darkside group my friends are putting together for Dragoncon2016. My evil Hammerhead sith I did a bunch of sketches and did a rough supersculpey mock up that for some reason imports sideways.. His eyes are too close and i'm pretty sure 5...
  8. thevitamink

    Fiberglass....tissue ??

    i also saw the video ( xrobot?) of the guy coating eva with smoothon 65d. i 've tried this too. it works well but a few things to be mindful of. if you let the first layer totally set up before applying the next, you run the risk of it delaminating. it will literally flake apart. you have to...
  9. thevitamink

    FALCON 32" hunk of junk build

    this is overwhelming. wow
  10. thevitamink

    Blueprint for AT-AT Revell

    amazing thanks!
  11. thevitamink

    TFA - 1:1 Melted Vader Helmet Sculpt (Version 2 begins pg. 8)

    Re: TFA - 1:1 Burnt Melted Vader Helmet Sculpt that's awesome!!
  12. thevitamink

    Peach Boy action figure

    OK... so believe me this exists. Peach Boy is apparently a legend? I guess? and they made a movie which we saw in China when my wife was teaching at a university in Beijing...It took me forever to find a Dvd of it under the name Magic of Spell. Basically at the end of the movie, the characters...
  13. thevitamink

    han and chewie : bestest star wars friends for life

    ha yeah. we talked about poses a lot
  14. thevitamink

    han and chewie : bestest star wars friends for life

    One of the coolest commissions I've done. I loved this one. A friend wanted this for his wife. Her favorite scene in Star Wars is where Chewie is petting Han in Jabba's prison. We came up with the idea of Chewie giving a disgruntled Han a big bear hug from behindI wanted a really STar Warsy...
  15. thevitamink

    imperator furiosa sculpt mad max

    the belts are cast in something called "bounce" mixed with cornstarch. they feel like those rubber fishing lures. mostly, the thin straps are paper covered in acrylic gel medium. styrene, really thin eva foam, milliput, aluminum make up the other details over all. - - - Updated - - - jaganar ...

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