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    Interest Cap shield replica

    Extremely interested. Another vote for the First Avenger shield. When I think of Cap's shield, that's where my mind goes first.
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    Best Cap shield replicas?

    Add one more to the preliminary list in the case this moves forward, and I hope it does. I was this close to pulling the trigger on Tripoli's listing before he pulled it down, and I certainly can't blame him for deciding to hold onto it. Absolutely gorgeous shield.
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    Want to Buy CF Captain America Shield

    I'm sure this is a complete long shot since most(all) of these are probably locked up tight in loving homes, but I'm in the market for a Chris Fields Captain America shield. Looking for one from his later runs with the accurate brackets/grooves on the inside of the shield and preferably...
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    Interest Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Orb with Electronics

    Put me down for one as well. Too sick.
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    Service Captain America shield painting service

    Curious as well.
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    Limited Run Captain America Shield Brackets/Handles

    Payment sent for a bracket/star set!
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    Done / Completed Star Lord Helmet - All Done

    Re: Star Lord Helmet (w/ TheRocketeer) SOLD OUT!!! Chalk up one more for interest in another run.